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Being a hoarder and someone who is always running out of money, spending hundreds of bucks on clothes is not something that interests me very much. I feel like I want to purchase things that if I throw away, my heart would not feel too sad about. The best bet for me is to get the cheapest of items that I can get my hands on. But, then I usually do end up overspending even after the discounts codes and sale seasons. Remaining in a budget is definitely not for me.

Who do keep on falling in love with the most expensive items?? WHHHYYY!????

That is a question that would haunt me forever. The answer to which even those with the knowledge of the unknown would not have.

OH! Coming back to track! I discovered another way to get my hands on designer items all the while paying at least less than half of what you would get for on brand price. Imagine getting a brand item for $100 and getting the same thing for $25!

Okay, purchasing from the brand would mean getting it firsthand. Getting it from ThredUP (my new favorite place to shop) means I would get it for at least $75 less but secondhand. ThredUP takes secondhand, lightly used clothes in mint condition and resells them at affordable rates. You can find all the leading brands on the store. You have to be comfortable with wearing clothes worn by strangers for this one. I don’t mind this pretty much so I went ahead with it.

Though at the same time ThredUP also allows you to become a seller. You can sell your mint condition clothes at their website. They are an online thrift store or a consignment store. ThredUp reviews for selling were kind of mixed up but for buying majority were positive.

I decided to do my own research and write my own review then. I have my fair share of some really good clothes I thought people could benefit from so I decided to make some money before I spent it.

Selling to ThredUP:

The process was pretty simple. You can send in your clothes for review. Some would be accepted right away and would be informed and the money would be credited it to your account. The others could be sent for consignment that meant that you wouldn’t be paid till the actual sale happened. I decided to try both the options. I had some really nice ones that I thought would fetch me a good price. Then there were those that I thought would just get a few bucks. Now, I had to wait and see what they would take in to sell immediately and which ones would they sell for consignment. Though for consignment it was going to take longer (anything to help you all out).

So you get to choose between free clean out bags. Or you get clean out bags and receive an expedited service with them for a price. I just got the free bags for this review.

Five of the twenty items I had sent were accepted for immediate sale. 7 of them went for consignment. Others I had an option of paying and getting them sent back. I decided to let them keep those.

Now, the payment that I received for the immediate one, was less than all the dresses combined. Though a few days later on their website it was displayed for triple of what they had me. That got me furious. It also took them around a month to credit me for the dresses of the immediate accepts. I never really got to the consignment ones, still waiting on someone to purchase them. Let’s see when that happens.

Overall as a seller not that impressed. I would rather donate the clothes myself to the local charities than become a seller. If you had a good experience may your luck remain.

Buying from ThredUP:

Since, this was a promise for a review, I did not back out to make my purchases. Honestly, I did get addicted to purchasing from them instead of selling. Some people have put amazing things on it. I was amazed at people who had bought clothes from above $100 and I was getting them for less than $30. The prices varied but mostly remained below the figure.

I had to give it to them. Their website is completely organized and I had no problem finding items I really liked.  I picked out a few items that I liked, put them all in the cart, and bought them. Though I was down from the seller’s point of view I was very happy with the things that I received. The fittings were perfect, the color intact, even the buttons were still shining on the jacket that I got. I ended up wearing the items to a friend’s party the next day. The feedback I got from there did lift my spirits.

I did end up returning a pair of pants and getting store credit for it. Just returning it meant paying for shipping and losing money. So I used the credit on my next purchase and I was able to save up a little more.

Overall Experience:

I would definetly be a customer for ThredUp but not a seller. That is not up my alley. As a buyer I would say men, women, and children can really find some amazing things there. I know I did love most of the things I got. I only had placed my order twice. But, it was cheaper than paying full price for designers when I couldn’t. The store credit for me is a great idea.

Though for sellers they can improve what they pay and don’t take that much time paying them. My ThredUP review is completely unbiased and completely full of my own thoughts. I would be a regular customer but not shop from there.

You can also give it a try if you want. That is if you are completely comfortable with shopping secondhand.

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