Enjoy Tampa Bay, Without Spending a Penny!


Holidays are to be enjoyed completely without having to worry about anything. The biggest problem that arises and that keeps us worried is the budget. You want to take in the city but not always want to have to pay for them. Tampa Bay is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is also one of the most historically rich cities that the United States has. The buildings, businesses, parks, and even the zoo have something significant to hold. Showcasing the beauty that the city has to offer. Landing in Tampa Bay is one of the best holiday decision you could make. Even if you have a day to spare to your visit to Orlando. Take out some time and visit the little bustling city. If you are already planning a trip there, that is just fabulous. But, if you are still not quite sure, you are going to miss out on a lot of things.  You don’t have to pay for everything you do there. There are various interesting and free things to do in Tampa Bay. You just need to know where to go.

Whether you are alone, with your partner or with your whole family. You would be able to find things to do that would interest you all. History and beauty go hand in hand in this city. You will be surprised by all the things you would get to do without having to pay for them.

Let’s start our free virtual trip around Tampa Bay:

  • Do you have a taste for the finest cigars?

Warning: You might want to leave under-age children out of this visit!

J.C. Newman’s Cigar Company, housed in one of the most recognized buildings in Tampa. The factory churning out the best cigars in the city was built in 1920. The current owner bought it from another cigar company. Today the factory also has a small cigar museum. It also has a shop where you can purchase Tampa’s finest cigars.

  • Love a little fire?

Tip: If you have kids, they might love it!

The original Tampa fire station was built in 1911 and served as the Headquarters of the fire department till 1974. It has now been made into a Tampa Firefighters Museum. It now pays tribute to those who helped save the city and its people from being burned down. There are many interesting exhibits. The two of which that stand out from the rest. The museum houses one of the first firetrucks. Also from the tragedy of the World Trade Center, it has a piece of metal on display.

  • Love nature in its original form?

Tip: Take your picnic basket along

The Hillsborough River and Lettuce Lake Regional Park are located along with each other. The river has yet not been tainted with modern development and humans. It the park also has a guided tour on the weekends in the mornings. Those who love nature and birdwatchers can make get the tour completely free. If you love nature exhibits visit the Interpretive Center. You view the local birds, animals, and vegetation.

  • Love soaking in the sun at the beach?

Tip: You want to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen!

The top favorite beach of the locals, Ben T. Davis Beach. You can either have a nice romantic beach getaway. Or you can bring the beach toys and the little buddies along. You get to take in the calm sea and the beautiful white sand. There are many beach lounge chairs, and picnic shelter. You can spend the day playing in the sea, and have an early supper while experiencing the most beautiful sunset.

  • Ever heard of mermaids?

Tip: Be gentle, be patient, you want to just take in the experience. Bring the little humans and a picnic basket along.

Though one of the most endangered sea creatures today. Manatees were once believed to be mermaids. They are the most docile and gentle sea creatures you would come across. Also known as sea cows for the gentle nature. You can meet these creatures at Tampa Electric’s Big Bend Power Station. The Manatee Viewing Center is housed here. Though the viewing season only starts in November and ends in April. So you need to be in town during the time. While you are at it you can also visit their butterfly garden, and experience the magnificent creatures in all their glory.

You can also view the exhibits related to the power produced and the environment.

  • Love a movie out in the open in summers?

Tip: It’s a family even take your blankets and picnic baskets along!

If you visit Tampa during the summer, catch a free movie under the stars at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. The event is known as “Screen on the Green”, puts on movies and brings the party to the park. They do provide food trucks where you can purchase food. But, you also have the option to bring your own food. The movies are family friendly and you can find the schedules and dates on the internet. The movie starts at dusk so you want to wrap up your day a little early for this one.


  • Which Friday are you in Tampa?

Tip: Head over to Tampa Downtown a little before 5 pm!

On our list of free things to do in Tampa, keep track of the number of Fridays. This is because the Fourth Friday in Tampa is the best time to be there. During 5 pm to 8 pm, Tampa Downtown offers the locals and visitors a variety of free activities. Also, you get free access to all the leading historic and cultural attractions!

You want to be there a little early if you don’t want to be swept away in the rush!

Tampa Bay may be smaller than most cities. But, its heart is one of the biggest. You want to visit there for the adventure. The city is rich in every sense of the word. Your trip there would let you learn and experience countless new things.

Have a great trip and keep your wallet heavy!

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