Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box


In this article, we are going to give you the overview which you can also call it an unbiased review about the popular Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box. There are high chances that you must have heard a ton of people praising this kit and telling about what it offers. Let’s discuss in detail that what you the specialties of things and what makes it everyone’s favorite. The kit consists of six different lip treatments along with two colored pencils packed in an adorable tin bag. Let’s discuss in detail about the specialty of this kit, shall we?


The Kit Claims Of Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box :


The Fresh Sugar Lip Box claims to help people with dryness, uneven texture, and dullness. It is perfect for those who live in cold weather conditions throughout the year and for those who have really dry and dull skin. So by applying in on your lips, you can keep your lips moist while looking gorgeous.


The Shades Of Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box 


The kit offers 6 elegant shades which are Rose, Honey, Clear, Poppy, Tulip, and Berry. All these shades give a vibrant color. This gives you the choice to match it with your outfit. So whether you’re attending a formal event or going on a date with someone special, Fresh Sugar Lip Box has a shade for you for every occasion.


The Packaging Of Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box 


The tin package in which these lip treatments come in is a beautiful box covered in hearts which you would find it adorable and use it as a decoration piece in your beauty room, as well as product photos. Whereas the packaging of the lip treatments is also great because these are so easy to throw into your purse or wallet & it doesn’t take up any space or look bulky since they are the mini-size. Although they are mini, they will last you quite a while.


The Formula Of Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box 


These treatments are all beeswax-based formulated with many different seed oils that offer hydration. The large quantities of oils are what cause the item to have the slip that it does and makes it glide on smooth and sheer. Since this formula is made up of a lot of oils they are super soft and I have read numerous reviews that they melt quite easily. You would notice that even in a warm room they can go a bit softer and you can’t press down too hard during application. Speaking of heat, they do have SPF 15 in them so they do offer a bit of protection from the sun.


The Application Of Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box 


After applying these they glide on nicely to the lips. You would surely love the look they give. These are tinted lip treatments, so each shade gives a little bit of color on your lips aside from the original formula. These last four 4 hours easily and gives you an effortless and beautiful experience.


Is It Worth It?



Well, It is worth the cost it comes in! This Fresh Sugar Lip Box is perfect for those who are indecisive and are unable to make their mind on which shade they should purchase. This set gives you six (6) different colors, so you can literally use a different one every day if you wanted to, and keep them rotating. Once you use a complete kit, you would definitely buy another one and recommend your friends to buy it as well. So if you still don’t own these, you would get one from the nearby cosmetic store or purchase it online. Cause it’s a high demand product, get your hands on it before it runs out of the market.

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