How to Use Cartwheel Online?

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Who else loves a great discount? Because I sure do love one!!

Now, being a regular Target customer with all the couponing tricks under the belt, Cartwheel being added to the app for online use, was the best news ever! Now, you can use the Target Cartwheel discounts through the desktop, tablet and even the cell phone. You access the website or just download the Target app and it has the offers category now integrated with the rest of the offers…. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

You want to stick around and learn how to use Cartwheel online!! Even though there are a few catches to avail Cartwheel offers. The first catch is that it’s offered for store pickup only. So you will have to run to the store to save some bucks. But, don’t lose hope just yet, there are some great offers in store for you and trust me, you do not want to pay for the shipping anyways!

Secondly, you have to work fast… the offers on Cartwheel are for limited time and the clock is always ticking. You want to get the use of the offers before the time runs out and you are left empty cart…


Let’s Dive into using the desk top site first, yes! You don’t need to have a smartphone!!

Using Cartwheel for the first time may seem intimidating. But, once we are done here and you have mastered the art of how to use Cartwheel online, you will be addicted!!

  1. Open the desktop website, , you can use your PC, laptop, tablet or any device that has internet on it.
  2. Sign in using the target account you use or make a new one, you can even use your social media account to sign in, if you are using it for the Target sign in!*social media sign-ins and recognitions have added rewards but that’s also subject to you making your shopping public or not. So for starters we say you just use your regular account not synced with social media.
  3. Start searching for the items you need and add them to the list
  4. Once, you’re satisfied with the list, open the side menu and select checkout
  5. The list will generate a barcode that would be customized just for you, print it and head to the store.

Yes!! It’s that easy… but wait! You want to stay for the app version and then a few added advantages that I would be sharing with you.

Moving On to the Download App, Available for Both Android and iPhone Users!!

Yep! Now the first step starts with you downloading the Target app that has the Cartwheel offers as a category….

  1. Find the offers you’re looking for, you can search from the ones provided or use the search bar to look for specifics
  2. Start adding the offers to the cart, there will be + sign on the offer when you open it, click on the sign and when the item will be added to the cart, a blue tick will appear indicating, discount succeeded!!
  3. Check-out and get the barcode!
  4. For the mobile app you don’t need to print the barcode, just hand over your phone to be scanned.


*Pro tip: Smartphones have an advantage from the desktop option:

Use the barcode scanner given in the app to find the perfect offers and save time. You have already reached the store, you remember something new, just head on over, scan the code and if there is an offer, make use of it!! The more the merrier, saves you petrol and time also!!


If the particular item doesn’t have the offer then it will suggest a similar brand or product and also if there is any other offer, you can make use of that also. You, need the discount, one way or the other and the app is helpful that way. So, don’t feel sad if you fall in love with something after you reach the store or remember something afterwards, just take out your cell phone and start scanning!!

The Added Advantages, Where You Can Get Four Discounts in One Go with The Cartwheel Offer Included!!


YESSS!! I told you, that you want to read it all and understand Cartwheel completely before you give up!

Okay, so first things first, look around for the coupon codes around you.

  1. Let’s start with you visiting to look for the coupon codes to apply online!!
  2. Keep in handy other cut out coupons also to hand in at the time of checkout!!
  3. Next! Don’t forget the manufacturer discount coupons!!
  4. Last but not the least…. You have to pay, so just casually keep your Target REDcard, for the finale act!!

Okay! Do NOT dive right in and overwhelm the cashier. Let him/her scan the items and bring up a total. Then dive right in and hand over the coupon codes after that throw in the manufacturer coupons, then present them with the cartwheel barcode (whether it be the printable one or the one from the app), lastly end up casually paying with the Target REDcard for the extra 5% at the end!!

WOAH!!! Now that’s what I call a great save… you just happened to be a pro at saving money and using the coupons and the Cartwheel offers for the best affect!

What are you waiting for? You are a pro now at how to use Cartwheel online!! Go make the most of it!!

I may have forgotten to tell you lovely savers the best part!!

One barcode has 4 uses! YES! I repeat…  YOU CAN USE ONE BARCODE 4 TIME!!!

So keep it safe and dear to your heart but its ok, you can also just print it out again from your account if anything were to happen. So you get to save the same amount on four of your shopping trips!

Okay… so even though you start with only 10 spaces for offers, being consistent with using the offers and earning rewards, you can actually unlock more spaces and the badges for even better offers!!

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