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Getting those wrinkles to go away with an iron is very annoying to start with. But, what’s more of a pain is when you don’t have an iron. If you broke it and cannot go to get another. Or, whether you forgot to pack one, and you don’t have an iron where you are. Or, for any other reason. You have to get your dresses straight but the you don’t have the machine that you need. Whether you like it or not you are stuck. Or, you can be lazy just like me. Hate to iron on all costs, so I opt for other options at times.

You also need to figure out how to iron without an iron. If you don’t do that soon you will be stuck wearing clothes that would not only look weird but feel weird also. Or, you would have to use the good old iron even if you don’t feel like it. Because be it going to work, study, or even just out in public, you can’t walk out in wrinkly outfits.

Well, there is news for you that you would love. The good news is that there are a few hacks that you can use. These hacks will help you take out the wrinkles. That would give your day to day wears the ironed look without actually ironing them. Your day would be saved and you would be able to go out in the public. You wouldn’t be able to remove the big creases but you can get rid of small wrinkles easily.

The whole phenomenon of ironing is applying heat and pressure without burning the clothes. Well, you can replace the iron in a few places. That would let you get a tiny bit of the actual result without actually using the iron. Though you need to be really careful with these also. You do not want to end up burning yourself or the devices we would be using on the clothes.

The hacks are very simple. You can easily follow through with them to get your desired results at the end. Let’s get to ironing without the iron:

You are already using the hair dryer? Well, the first way requires you to blow hot air directly onto your dress. You can hang up your clothes next to a flat wall or cupboard. Then you can take your hair dryer, keep it around two inches away from the clothes. You don’t want to end up giving it a burn. It would look and smell bad and that is not what you want. So keep it back and keep patient. It would take a little time to flatten the wrinkles out.

Planning to straighten the curls from your hair? Well, the good point about straighteners are that they are flat irons. Technically a two surface iron that smooth-ens up your hair, straightening away the curls from the hair no time. The same way you can get rid of the wrinkles. Especially the tiny uneven parts such as the collars, cuffs, in between the buttons of a button down shirt. A quick way to iron with a flat iron. Technically it is an iron (whoa! This just became a long rhyming tongue twister).

If you love to drink tea, heat up some water for yourself and a kettle for your clothes. This can be counted as a royal way on how to iron without an iron. Just add some tea please (remember to save your pinky from burning). Well, you can lay your clothes down on a flat surface. After which, you can use the boiling pot which if full of water to get rid of the creases. You need to be careful to not spill the water on yourself or the clothes. You would burn yourself. But this would also take long to dry and for you start again.

If it’s getting to hot for your, just throw in some ice cubes! No, we are not kidding with you. This is the easiest and fastest hack that would rid you of the wrinkles. Throw your outfit in the dryer then just throw in a few ice cubes. Turn the machine settings on high. Leave them in there for a few minutes. The steam that the ice cubes would release after melting would “iron” your outfit out. The least amount of effort and straightened up outfit of the day at the end of it. Remember to do this after every laundry cycle before hanging them. That would keep them straight from the start. Least effort would be needed later.

Are you hungry? Because it’s burrito time! Well, the bad news is it won’t fix your hunger. The good news is it would iron out your clothes. We are making a clothes burrito! It’s very simple, all you need to do is stretch out your outfit for the day that you want to burrito on a flat surface and then just roll it. You would be done in no time. Then you just place it under your mattress or something heavy. You can do it for fifteen to thirty minutes. That would flatten the outfit you want to wear out significantly. A free flat ironing service at home. If you want just sleep on top of it at night.

Hot shower sounds nice before you start getting ready? Take your hanger to the bathroom with you. Just hang them up on the shower rod. Make sure the windows are closed so the heat from the bathroom doesn’t escape. Take your time and let yourself and your night-out outfit enjoy the heat. In fifteen minutes, your dress for the night would be done. That sounds like a simple thing to do. No efforts required at the end of it. You will have nice a wrinkle-free outfit right after you step out of the shower.

Well, hope things get easier on you. Ironing isn’t fun for most people. Letting it slide sometimes is perfectly fine. Especially when alternatively, you are getting the same results. Hope you have fun ironing without an iron in your future plans!

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