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bumble review

An app created by a woman that has allowed women to make the calling shots. Dating, finding friends, and networking all in all have been hard things to do from the start. The Bumble app takes away the stress and puts the three together in one app. You can use Bumble to find a relationship, Bumble BFF to find friends, and Bumble Bizz if to encourage networking.

This means Bumble has decided to be your partner in all walks of life. Be it love life, professional life, and social life, you can sign-up for a Bumble account and juggle all three. The app is also more women-centric and gives them the right to start a conversation. This is to help cut down on the harassment women face different dating apps. Men on the other hand can like the profile of the ladies they like and wait to be approached. This gives women the power to choose and men a chance to be pursued.

So men, please sign-up if you can wait through the anticipation of being accepted to chat or not. Ladies sign-up if you feel like you want to be finally in control of who you will converse with.

Though there has been a staggering mix of Bumble reviews from men and women. Men seem to be more who are unhappy with the app.

Make a “Connection” with Bumble!

As a man you need to swipe right on a woman and then wait whether she would swipe right on you or not. The Bumble app only gives you space to showcase yourself, your case, and your standing with six pictures and 300-words About Me space. That is all the man has to make his impression on the ladies. You need to be sure of what you put on. It would be better to get some female advice in and put in the pictures they think are the best. You do not want to be rejected on the second picture because your weird side abs shot didn’t make an affect.

Ladies you also have the same space to make your mark on the men. Though you are at the end of the day with the power of whether to talk to someone or not.

Both the genders need to make the small space impressive that leaves a positive effect on the other one and gets you swiped right. Once, both the parties swipe right, you will be connected. After the connection has been made ladies only have 24-hours on the clock whether they want to the person or not. Because, after the clock is over, the connection will be lost. To rematch, you would have to upgrade your app!

Bumble is Free to an Extent

Sign-up and using the app has no costs to attached to it. You can use all the default settings and privileges free of cost. To pay or not to pay later on is your own choice. That is because for some advanced features you do have to pay up. They make your prospects of meeting your choice of people better. These privileges can be used on profiles you really want to get to know better.

Add on the Super Boost for a Longer Connection!

Starting with unlocking the “Super Boost” which is a weekly charge of $8.99/-, but it provides you three features. Though prices can vary according to the time length of the subscription that you choose.

For men the first one is very useful, it’s called Beeline, that lets you see the profile of women who have liked you before. You can then choose which one to like to for a connection with. Since, she has already liked you, it would guarantee that you would connect with her. That would also increase your chances of a conversation between the two starting.

Then you get to use Rematch. That means if a connection is lost after the said 24-hours, you would be able to reconnect with the same person again for the next 24-hours. This way if you have lost a profile that you were interested in, you can go back to that person.

The final one in this weekly offer is Busybee. By using this you can connect with a person for more than the defaulted 24-hours. The profile would stay connected for longer, which would increase the chances of the two interested parties starting a conversation.

There is Swipe Right and Then There is Bumble Swipe!

Then on the other hand we have the BumbleSwipe Coins. Men another tip for your, let her know how much you like her by using the SuperSwipe. Starting at just $1.99 per coin, these SuperSwipes let the lady know you are really serious about her. They indicate that you really want to take the formalities forward and get to know her.

You can also purchase these in bulk and keep them stored for when you come across profiles you really like. The prices to be bought are also discounted.


There are also other features and filters that unlock when you upgrade your profile. Such as the filters to better your profile searches. Though any filter that you want to add should be updated in your profile also. Such as, if you are looking for someone with blue eyes, you need to mention your eye color also.

Then there is undoing a connection. After connecting if you don’t feel the vibe, all you have to do is shake your phone and the connection will be undone. No more 24-hour pressure!

My Overall Thoughts and Final Bumble Review!

Bumble has taken a step to make dating safer for women. But, it also has seen its share of downside also. Women and men have faced fake profiles. The update has also confused the buttons which has had some people use the wrong boost also. Some profiles have also faced termination without refund for no apparent explanation. So if you are looking for something long term, it’s purely on luck that you would find here. Do not have too many expectations for when you sign-up though! I found the lack of depth in profiles a little off-putting, but liked being in-charge of who I talk to.


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