Keep The Swag and Earn Those Bucks!


Getting discounts, paying less from the start and then getting a percentage of the money back. Like in either the form of gift cards or PayPal credit. That’s like the best news any shopper could have heard. But, adding on top of that are ways to earn more money without spending anything.

Just think about getting money for just giving a minute of your life to a simple task!

Okay! So, you don’t really get all your money back but a partial amount. Considering how much everyone ends up spending. Getting even a partial amount sounds good enough. You can’t really cover all your expenses with the Swagbucks that you earn. But, if you save them up all year long. You would have an easier time covering holiday seasons. Helps with the Thanksgiving dinner, and those Christmas gifts!

You can even earn Swagbucks while on vacations. Just because you are on a break doesn’t mean your savings should be on a break also. Taking the route of Swagbucks hack you can earn a little more than with the traditional ways. Having a bump during crunch time is a great lifesaver. You always have a small amount backing you up. Especially if you have children and it’s their birthday, or they have achieved something they promised. You have to get them that treat you promised. Even if there is an anniversary, you can get something fancy without having to feel guilty about it.

We will be discussing how you can earn these Swagbucks with and without the app. You can start by downloading the app on your mobile. If you have one already. Then you are already on the right path. The app keeps you updated, it’s easy to manage and operate. Also, you actually remember to visit and earn some more bucks with it. Also, open your browser, in your laptop or any device. We will take it from there!

Let’s learn those hacks now:

  • Search the Swagbucks toolbar

We are always searching the web for one thing or the other. Be it information on something, a movie, or even coupons and hacks.

So, why shouldn’t we be earning some free bucks while we are at it?

Swagbucks has its own toolbar which you can install in your browser. Do not make your searches the traditional ways. You might end up losing the chance to earn some bucks. Just search for your queries in the Swagbucks toolbar and earn the bucks without making any purchases. Toolbars may look tricky but Swagbucks has always your back! You and your browser are safe!


  • Crack the Swagbucks codes daily

Everyone has their dedicated blogs and social media presence. Swagbucks also has both. In order to earn those bucks, all you have to do is follow them and search for Swagbucks codes on a daily basis. You visit their Facebook page or follow their blog. Every day you can earn varying degrees of Swagbucks. Each code that you find and enter in the codes field has its own value. You enter as many as you can find every day to get the most value.


  • Answer a few polls

Just because they seem boring doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. They are easy and quick. You wouldn’t even know and you will be a few bucks richer.

If you just take out 10 seconds of your life, you will be thanking yourself later. If you don’t believe what you’re reading, take a Swagbucks poll. You will have to just answer a few easy questions. Voila! Just like that, you shall be rewarded in Swagbucks. The poll changes daily. You can answer it in a wink of an eye. Let them know your honest thoughts and choices. You shall be rewarded greatly.


  • Get a chance to earn 10 Swagbucks at a time

Purchasing groceries is one of the most expensive parts of our lives. You just have to purchase them no matter what. Saving on groceries is also one of the biggest achievement for many of the normal mortal beings. Coupons are the most traditional and popular way to save money. Even though online, you also print them out and use them. Well, keep the toolbar in mind. Search the coupons from there. Then also print them through Swagbucks. When you print and use these coupons at your local grocer’s shop. You receive immediate 10 Swagbucks back! Even better when you have to make emergency runs for immediate refills. Those expenses hurt the most but you can’t avoid them in any way.

  • Watch and earn

Yes! Now, it’s understandable, ad videos can be very annoying. Instead of actively seeking them, you want to avoid them. Well, Swagbucks actually rewards you for the patience. If you can watch take some time out and watch the videos, you can easily earn some buck.

Here a little hack to counter this Swagbucks hack:

Do it while you are doing something else. Put the headphones on your phone, let the video run its course. You do what you were doing. Once, the video is finished, claim those bucks!


  • Hey everybody! It’s Friday!

Fridays are one of the coolest days of the week. No, not talking about temperature here. Talking about the hope that when you finish work today, you don’t have to come in tomorrow. The hope that you can actually sleep late today, again, but without the guilt of getting late. Also, you get to up your chances of earning more Swagbucks than any other day of the week! It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday every Friday!!!

You haven’t gotten the time to earn a few bucks all week. It’s saddening but not all hope is lost. Make time on Friday no matter what. Your chances of getting more value increase on Friday. You can catch up on all your bucks on Friday. If you have already earned for the rest of the week. You get to add to them of almost the equal value only in one day.



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