Let’s Earn Some Rewards with Huggies!

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Babies! As adorable and sweet they may look like. Let’s be real about it, they can be very expensive. Let’s leave behind all the money spent on eating the junk they wanted when inside us. Also, let’s not talk about the dress sizes that increased. That called for a whole new wardrobe change. We can even let the hospital bills go overlooked, even for the C-section.

We can start from the day we bring them home, till they can go to school. The most adorable and getting to know each other stage. So, I adore this little bundle of joy when it’s not crying for one reason or the other. Crying tugs at the heartstrings and in the middle of the night I want to strangle myself with them from exhaustion. But, one look in their eyes, all the problems go out of the window. I created this creature, I love it immensely for some weird reason. But, when it comes to expenses, we have to draw the line somewhere.

I mean college is yet to come!

Huggies a leading brand that I found myself leaning towards for my baby essentials.

They specifically sell diapers and wipes. But, their rewards programs let you earn Huggies Rewards. Which can be later redeemed for toys, free diapers, gift cards, and baby supplies. The more the better!

Did you know yearly $1,200 is being spent only for purchasing diapers? Whoa!

One baby goes through 6 to 10 diapers in one day only!

Let’s start earning some rewards here new parents!

  • If you have an account great if you don’t make one!

Huggies is available for online shopping. If you are a registered member you can use the same ID to registers as a rewards member. If you are new, straight away register as a rewards member. You can do so on their website online or download the Huggies app. Which can be done from the Apple store or the Google Play store. Whichever mobile you have, you are good to go.

That 500 points, just for making the account.

Here’s a tip to earn extra free points:

If you know people who are going through the same. Recommend the program or the app. Earn 50 points for free when anyone downloads the app or registers it through your recommendation! Also, Huggies donates $5 for every app downloaded. Everyone wins in this situation!

You do not always have to make a Huggies account. You can register for the rewards program by using the account for any these brands.

  • Pull-Ups
  • Cottonelle
  • VIVA
  • Depend
  • Good Nites
  • Kleenex
  • Poise
  • U By Kotex


  • Keep those receipts safe!

Okay, so you get the receipt, bring it home with you. You have to earn a certain amount of points to be able to shop from the Huggies Rewards Catalog. This catalog houses all the free products that you can avail.

One receipt can be added at one time. All the information on the receipt should be clear. The picture should not be cut or blurred in any way. This would allow the reviewing process to be easy and smooth. Online orders are also included in the rewards program. The receipt should include:


  • Name of the store you made the purchase from
  • SKU for the eligible products
  • The price you paid for the product
  • The date when the purchase was made
  • If it is an online order, then it should also include the address the items were shipped to (the screenshot of the confirmation email will act as the receipt)


  • Add to those points without purchasing anything!

Yes! You don’t have to buy something every time to earn the rewards. You can just be active and make the brand and its program popular. Help other people earn rewards and make accounts.

You can take the online surveys or share an ad from there page on either Facebook or Twitter.  You can also post a check-in from your social media account. If you are visiting the store. You can also read any of their articles, information, and rewards at the same time.


  • Make the most of your loyalty with participating brands!

If you are a loyalty card collector and a loyal shopper, you are in luck. Below are some of the brands that participate in the Huggies Rewards Program. There are many more that you can find. Multiple cards can be linked with the account at a time. You can use any of these loyalty cards when linked with Huggies. It would allow you to earn the rewards for your future Huggies use.

  • Food Town
  • Fresh Market
  • Gary’s
  • Giant Food Store
  • Hannaford
  • Hen House
  • Homeland
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Just Save
  • Kmart
  • Lin’s
  • Lowes Food
  • Macey’s
  • Acme Markets
  • Blair’s
  • Bowman’s
  • CVS

It’s better to wait for 24 hours after linking your card. You can miss out on the rewards for any purchases in between!

You Are Now Good to Use Up Your Rewards According to Your Wishes!

Once, you have understood the way and racked up the points. You can now start using them to save up on some of those expenses. You can choose any items that qualify from the catalog. There are countless brands that work closely with Huggies to help bring the best free items to the new parents in distress. You can choose all that you want and redeem the rewards!

If you have more points than you want to use. You can donate a portion of the points to help a baby in need. The National Diaper Bank receives one diaper from Huggies for every 30 points donated. You can even help a baby cover the full day by donating 240 points.

Though the rewards to you would be collecting would depend on the size of packaging that you purchase. There is no fixed amount for them. The bigger the order size, the more the points!

You can even use coupon codes and discount coupons for your purchases. Why not just save more while you are at it?


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