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A China based company with warehouses across the USA and Europe. It delivers its products to over 200 countries altogether. Customers have purchased everything from gadgets, dresses, shoes, jewelry, to furniture for home and the garden. Basically customers from all over the world have purchased almost everything they would need from Light in The Box. Just like all companies, there have been some positive experiences of customers, and some negative. All of which they have made known when they wrote their Light in The Box reviews. They have written them across leading review sites. The answers they have received, and the customer service they have received is also mentioned. Majority of the customers have had a great experience since then and have continued shopping from there.

The company has done its best to get back to as many unhappy customers as they could. They have also provided the solution to many customers. Some customers have written a follow-up about them changing the mind for the better. They would continue shopping from the company.

After doing a thorough research and considering most of the experiences. I thought to give the company a try myself. That is mostly because when I opened their website to check their products, they had a flash sale going on. That was interesting as most prices had been slashed down more than half. That was enough to touch my shopaholic soul and in no time I was filling up my cart. Mostly with stuff that I definitely did not need to purchase (I know it is a big problem). Anyways, moving on, it wasn’t exactly the sale only. But, definitely the designs and how amazing most things looked in the photographs. Plus, I like to make final decisions after I have everything in one place. It’s easier for me that way!

Light in The Box is known for its small gadgets, home & garden, and apparel categories. So I decided to check them out first. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety they had to offer. it took me a good 2 hours deciding on what I wanted and what I can skip. Each category had detailed sub-categories that had their own set of products. They all looked so good that I wanted to keep on surfing through. If you suffer from a small attention span and cannot focus on things completely. This would be a challenge just as much for you as it was for me.

So did end up ordering new pillows for my sofa set, two dresses, the full portable juicer, and a pair of headphones (I have no idea what happened to my old ones). The process was very easy actually. I ended up making an account, added all the details, the payment details. Then I even ended up finding coupon codes online that I applied for this one new arrival phone case that I got also. I ended up with a total that would not have been possible if I had bought all these products in full price. These were the choices I made because right now I just want to try the service out. If I like it, I will be ordering a lot more from here in the future.

The payment methods were also easy, I ended up using PayPal. The confirmation from Light in The Box also came in a little while. An estimated date for 7 to 8 days shipping was given. I had done my research completely, so I ended up giving them 10 to 12 days in my head instead. But, surprisingly, I had my parcel on the delivery date. It was sent over in proper packaging. Everything was wrapped properly and individually. I was actually sad to open the wrappers. Thinking it came from China, I did not have high hopes. But, this was a pleasant surprise that I loved. I shouldn’t have underestimated them. Well, I was still a little unsure of how the things were inside. But, I had read a review of a lady who had bought a cell phone that had been working perfectly for the past six months. Added with the packaging that I received I was in relatively better spirits.

Now I got to unwrapping the things that I ordered. I kept the juicer for last. Starting with my phone cover, it actually looked and felt really good in my hand. The design did justice to what I saw online, and it actually felt strong also. So I put it on my phone and it looked amazing. That was a pass on my list. It fit like a glove on my phone and the colors looked amazing. Next came the dresses. I was a little unsure about the sizes, so I had ordered the two different ones of the same design. Their return policy didn’t seem that bad so I took the risk. They actually both looked amazing. The sizes were tricky because though I was a medium here in the US, the Chinese sizes seemed like the XXL would fit me (WOW! These people have tiny waists!). So, after getting past my tiny bit of jealousy, I did get into the bigger size. It felt and looked nice enough to wear on the bar b que party I had to attend that weekend. I decided to return the second size for another design that I had liked. I then went on to make myself a shake. All the pieces for the juicer were included. They all felt like they were good quality. I did end up making my shake in two minutes in it and drank it out straight from the bottle.

The return did become a little tricky for me. So I reached out to the customer service. They helped me out and I was able to send the dress back easily and with a refund! Overall I was very happy with the whole service. I even left Light in The Box reviews on their page.

(Yes, my other order with more items is on its way as we speak!)

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