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Religion is something that most people hold close to their heart. Practicing it and learning about it in any way they feel comfortable. Those bringing religion closer to people in a way they feel most drawn to is something that the creators of Pureflix have tried to do. They also have been successful in their work. Films and television are the two mediums that most draw this generation towards them. Their company created films that were based on religion and were dedicated to families. That also gave the families a common cause to bond over. The productions are immersive and enjoyable by children and adults at the same time. They are also a breath of fresh air from the regular shows on television.

I am still very much a follower of some of the regular flicks. But, this has opened my horizons and given me something new to watch. I may follow a few things but I am not a big fan of too many shows. Finding Pureflix and watching some of the productions has really added to my watch library.

A pure Christian channel that has dedicated itself to bringing forward the word of God. They create and run content that is purely focused on Christian teachings. They have also launched their own video-on-demand service. Along with that they also have a dedicated curriculum for Christian children who are being homeschooled. This helps parents integrate the Christian teachings in ways that the child does not get bored. They pay attention, keep interested, and most of all learn. As opposed to what most would think, this in no way is intimidating. The storytelling is light and family friendly. I find the two points to be of utmost importance. You can learn the Christian teachings and be entertained at the same time. A light and fun way to get the words across.

As a subscriber and a believer, I have tried to keep my Pureflix reviews as objective as I can. I want everyone who believes or those who don’t believe in this to have their own perspective and give the service a try. It would open your mind towards so many things that at least I as a general public couldn’t put together with the way some of the stories are showcased. At times I find myself actually re-watching a Pureflix production over a regular one. They also have a few very interesting shows that I follow. Just like any other regular series, these also have their seasons and waiting for what happens next is excruciating. I also have my children watch some of the movies that are available here. They also have never complained about getting bored and enjoyed watching the movies. This has also led to some of the best family bonding movie nights on Friday’s. My daughter and I have had several re-watches of the classic Little Women and had a great time crying out at the end. The book will always remain a classic. The movie and the production by Purflix have also done a fabulous job of bringing the sisters to life. They have also given us a movie to break records on my watching it a million times.

Though I do not homeschool my children, I did try that out also. The curriculum is without a doubt very much in depth. I ended up surfing a few hours on it with my children. This led to us going through a few chapters on the weekends for a few subjects. This has added to their knowledge. They instead of running away or feeling bored, actually take interest. They immersive studying has brought them closer to God. They take an interest in what is going to come on next. My elder one has also started taking an interest in learning more about God and his teachings in her own way also. Pureflix also does not have them feeling left out in any way from school. They discuss the shows and storylines with their friends. These friends when visiting home, they also have movie time on Purflix together. That was an eye-opener and a good highlight of my subscription. They have helped my children and their friends also bond together.

They also have the option to ban out a few bad words that have been used in the content. These are not directed for content for children. But, adults who want to steer clear of swearing at all costs can also do the same. They do not have to listen to it if they do not want to. I think this is a great option for some of the stricter families that like to stay away from such words on a regular basis. A cleaner version of everything that is wholesome and inviting for everyone to watch together. Whether you believe or not but, Pureflix is so much more than just a religious take on everything. It is entertaining, clean, and decent. It is also educational and people can learn a lot from it.

Overall, this Purelix review is not at all a glory shout. It is a pure summary of how I found the service to be. It is simple to subscribe to every month and entertaining to watch. It also helps to get a few bad words of the mouth (not everyone is an angel). It has helped me get a few words off my mouth, so I know the feeling. Now, you don’t have to give it a try for that purpose. But, it would totally help you find some new favorites. I was a little apprehensive at first when I found out about it. Though later on, I enjoyed it more than ever. I even liked it a little more after my children and especially my husband also started taking interest in it. I have had quite a few movie nights with my family where we did not have to forward anything. We watched the whole thing inflow, which was an amazing feeling.

So, Pureflix definitely has my vote!

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