Twigby Review: Twigging my Cellphone with Twigby


That heading sounded better in my head. But, it’s okay, I will still go with it and have all of you confused. Because, before I discovered Twigby I was just as confused. The last sprigs of my patience were also going to snap very soon.

Whether you like them or not, cellphones are a device that you just cannot function in today’s time without. That means you need to get a cellphone for yourself, your wife, and your growing kids. If you take care of your parents, even they have their own now. You have to take care of them all. Along with the cellphone, you need data plans. Each person requires network that helps them call and connect to the internet. The disturbance is something everyone hates, dropped calls, and continually disconnected internet. Paying for a service that provides the best service is not something everyone can afford. Budgeting is a hard grownup reality that we all come face to face with. That is especially true if you are paying for multiple services. Always choosing between who needs the service more and who can live without it for a while. Including home internet, as much as it seems like a luxury its mostly a necessity now.

Okay! So after over-dramatizing my feelings for overpaying for the phone network. I will now get into my bit of Twigby reviews. The service is not even that old yet and has made its mark in the market. I was actually going bankrupt paying for a network service every month. Shifting to an affordable one, I was losing my mind with the bad service (not over dramatizing). It was like I had to choose one of the two evils. Both equally frustrating and taking a toll on your sanity in every way. Not something anyone wants to choose between.

On my quest to find a service that would provide me signals that worked when I absolutely needed to without breaking my pocket, I came across the Twigby company. The website had me enchanted in no time. I did thorough research and the plan looked exactly perfect that I needed. The reviews by other people also were a contributing factor to me wanting to try out the service.

One and a half year later, I am saying if someone doesn’t know about this service, they need to be told right now. I was able to not only save my money but also keep my phone. So, Twigby has an option of how many lines you want to purchase. I was able to get one for myself, one for my wife, and one for my son. I wasn’t able to afford when I was using my regular network. But, around the same time I discovered Twigby, he topped in his class. I surprised him and sure to say he loved it. I chose three lines, then I got a new phone from the Twigby selection for my son.

You can either purchase their phone or have yours converted by using the MEID or ESN number. MEID number is the Mobile Equipment Identifier. The older version of cellphones still has the ESN number that is the Electronic Serial Number. Twigby can activate your cellphone on their own network by using any of these numbers. The numbers helped my shift mine and my wife’s phone without purchasing their own. That was savings from the start. I was able to do all of this in no time. I had my son’s new phone, mine, and my wife’s old phone, amazing network, at a price I didn’t know was actually possible.

I went with a plan; I didn’t have the whole family shifted at once. I first changed my own network and tested it out for a month. I was almost sold at the start but I didn’t want to take a leap of faith this time, considering all the things I had been through. So I took it one at a time.

During this time, we even had to travel out of town. A road trip, determining whether I would be getting network everywhere or not. I was surprised to a great length when my phone did not once present any problem. I was able to make calls, use the internet, and go about my trip without any problem. After returning from the trip did I change my wife’s plan and got my son his own cellphone.

My wife was surprised at first by me suddenly changing and adding a line. But, I showed her the whole plan and she agreed with me. The look on my son’s face was completely worth it. He had been asking for his own cellphone for some time now. My last plan had now allowed it. Now, I was able to fulfill his wish. They both were very pleased with the service they were receiving. All the Twigby reviews that I had read and the research I had done were completely justified. Twigby lived up to all the promises that it had made.

Their customer service helped me out during the whole time. I was very happy at how smoothly and quickly all my queries were answered and all my problems. They were completely hands-on and I became a fan of the company. They also provide their service that can compete with the leading companies in the business. Their prices are just perfect for sale hunters and coupon hoarders. My wife had tried for the longest time to find her way around paying the high prices but had always failed. Twigby allowed us to save significantly and also afford the third connection without any hassle or added headache.

I am a complete Twigby convert and will keep on using it till they keep on providing the same level of service. Anybody who is on a budget and looking for a way to save a few extra bucks should give this service a try. I have had the best time with this service. Hadn’t even had to complain at all or remain stranded in the time of utter need.

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