What Fashion Trend Did Miami Vice Make Popular?

If you aren’t aware of Miami Vice, then you have felt left out in many of the Miami Vice conversations in your friends and family gathers. We are here to clear out all the questions you have in your mind like What fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?

It is a popular TV series that was released in the 1980s and made a significant impact that was seen beyond the screen. The lead role of the show was of officers Sonny Crockett which was played by Don Johnson. That character alone had made quite an impact on the fashion culture of that time.

To include originality to the show, it was shot in Miami entirely and a particular type of dressing was followed in throughout the show. While the other characters who put life in the show were Ricardo Tubbs and Lieutenant Martin Castillo.

The series went on for five seasons, and the characters we talked about above were detectives who were undercover in Miami. The show made certain fashion trends which are followed to date, amongst which are the following:

Wayfarer Shades

You can’t complete the “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?” list without talking about the Wayfarer shades. You would even find people in the sheets of Miami following this particular trend of Wayfarer and all because of Miami Vice.

No Socks Trend

People following the trend of no socks must sound weird, right? Well, Miami Vice did what nobody could do. This fashion of no socks was started by the character of Sonny Crokett which was seen wearing no socks in the entire show. To date, fashion is being followed by people.

Pastel Colors

If you have followed the show carefully, there is one thing that will definitely catch your attention, which is the star’s wardrobe and in that you must have noticed that there were a range of sharp colors.  This was also the major cause of “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?” as it was enthusiastically followed by people of all ages in the early 80s.

Shoulder Pads

Another major impact on the fashion trends of Miami Vice was of shoulder pads that you could find in the blazers, jackets, and even in the t-shirts. You simply can’t think of the show without thinking of shoulder pads.


Next time someone asks you “what fashion trend did Miami Vice make popular?”. You know what to tell! It is certain that no matter what fashion trends are being followed, Miami fashion will never die. This means that you can still carry out their shoulder pads fashion or no socks one, and still look cool.


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