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Domino's Pizza, Inc., branded and referred to as Domino's, is an American pizza restaurant chain. It was founded in the year 1960 and since then has multiplied massively till date. Domino’s is headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is incorporated in Delaware. As of February 2018, Dominoes became the largest pizza seller across the world, in terms of sales.

Customers who order from Domino’s can get great deals and also save their money through the use of discount codes that are available on These can be used in the dine-stores and also delivery. Since, their start Domino’s has always been about harnessing the magic of modern technology throughout their processes to make their delivery services even better and help give a boost to their business overall so customers can enjoy fresh, delicious pizzas in just a short time after placing their order. They also keep tight quality control in all the ingredients that they use.

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  • Pizza math to get more pizza: Instead of ordering two 7-inch pan pizzas, order one large pizza, the two would look more enticing but the radius calculations have other results.
  • Use create your own and save a buck: If you love a regular cheese pizza with no topping, just make the create your own option and save $1! For further savings use the voucher code available on
  • Points and Free Pizza: The Dominos Points for Pies helps customers get points on their orders and when they collect 60 points they can qualify for a two topping free pizza. But, these are only available for participating Dominos branches, not all.
  • Swap your free toppings: Dominos offers two free topping changes which mean you can swap them for a topping that you want, to save yourself a dollar, you can swap the tomato slices on the veggie pizza for pepperoni slices and turn it into a Mexican Hot! You can further save yourself more bucks through the promo codes available on
  • Don’t have soggy pizza! Want to reheat your last night’s pizza slice? Place a glass of water in the microwave and save yourself a soggy crust.
  • Deals and Discounts: Keep a look out for the amazing deals and discounts Dominos offers its customers. There’s a lot of saving you can do on the online orders.

More About Domino's

The Domino's Tracker was meanwhile, another great innovation in the food delivery industry. It Domino’s is one of Americas favorite pizza brands that offers a wide range of pizza flavors, types of crusts and other menu items, that include desserts and beverages. Pizza is an Italian staple that has taken a life of its own in America. It is provided by one of America’s most popular pizza chain, that has managed to grab the hearts of pizza lovers across the country and the world. Pizza is not just a meal but has a huge favorite food following in the American market. The soft dough, tangy sauce, delicious toppings, fresh vegetables, and the yummy cheese has formed a very special bond with the American people. Millions of Americans prefer it over all other types of foods, when excited or sad. The occasion or the mood doesn’t matter, pizza matters and that too from a brand such as Domino’s that works hard on providing the best to its pizza-loving customers.

Domino’s makes sure to meet the standards of everyone’s taste buds and quality that they serve to, so no heart or stomach is left sad or unsatisfied. Customers place high expectations on Domino’s to provide them with the best product only and keeping the unwavering trust of these customers alive for their brand, Domino’s works harder every day. It offers delicious and fresh pizzas and other items to millions of customers every day, satisfying their hunger in just a matter of few minutes.

They are available across the USA and the world with over 13,811 locations in total. All these locations around the world working hard to adapt to the taste of that region and providing them with the best mix of the pizza and their taste buds. Domino's with their hard work and dedication to providing the best pizza has managed to become a global leader in the pizza delivery industry. It has company-owned and franchise stores located throughout the United States. All dedicated to the customers who love their pizza and choose Domino’s as the brand to purchase their favorite flavors amongst all the brands in the market. Domino’s is also present in 70 different international markets. All locations in America and the world are equipped with the latest technology and are able to deliver piping hot and fresh out of the oven pies, wings or pasta. It does not matter what your locality is in the delivery map spectrum. Everyone will receive the same service and importance as others.

The Domino's menu apart from their staple pizza, also includes many other delicious dishes for customers to purchase. These dishes include chicken, sandwiches, pasta, bread, and sides. Customers can also purchase many different desserts and drinks to add to their meals. Use the available promo codes and specials for Domino's pizza deals available on By using these you can save on a Domino’s pizza, pasta, and many more menu items. Domino's has not only managed to make space in the hearts of their customers through their delicious pizzas and amazing service.

They have also managed to pioneer some creations that have made revolutionary changes to the pizza delivery system and made sure that customer receives the pizza in the best conditions. They are the pizzeria that has pioneered and patented the insulating pizza bags. These insulating bags keep the pizzas oven-hot and crisp during normal delivery so customers do not receive a cold and sad pizza. Domino's has also created the sturdy and corrugated pizza box that we all know and love. It is the made in a way in which it helps and keeps the moisture of the pizza from weakening the box and also stops the cheese from sticking to the top of the box.

Domino's has also invented the 3-D car-top sign that we all recognize from the various car and deliver services. The car top sign is currently being majorly used by a variety of industries which include taxis and driving schools. Domino’s with the advancing web technology added more options to their pizza services. They launched their online pizza ordering service in the year 2007. It became a smashing success and they ended up revolutionizing it in the year 2008. The provided an online delivery experience that no other pizzeria had thought about at the time. They did so by launching the innovative Pizza Builder and Domino's Tracker tools. These tools helped customers be involved in the pizza making process while sitting at home. They Pizza Builder was a step forward in ordering food online which, allowed the customers to see their pizza come to life on the computer screen. They could order the pizza online and then sit in the comfort of their homes while waiting for it and through the Pizza Builder tool be involved in the complete process and not feel the heat at the same time.

The Domino's Tracker was meanwhile, another great innovation in the food delivery industry. It ended up allowing customers to follow the progress of their order. The whole process from the time they have placed the order until they receive it on their doorstep, be it their home or the office. Customers can choose the different types of crusts they would like to order their pizza in. Crusts ranging from crunchy thin crust, Italiano & classic hand tossed pizzas are available for customer to order. They offer these crusts with a wide variety of toppings that the customers can choose from and have them added for flavor. The side items of the menu that customers can include in their orders include breadsticks, cheesy bread, and cinnamon sticks. Customers who face any kind of issue in the order they receive or the service. They can always contact the Domino’s management and get the best solution to their problems. For Domino’s, customers and their happiness always comes first. They will work efficiently and quickly to resolve the matter and save the customers from any disappointments they may have faced. Domino’s lovers can keep on ordering their beloved pizza and other items from the menu and save their money by using the voucher codes available on Customers will receive only a cut in the money but the superior pizza quality and service will remain the same.

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