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You have probably seen people riding their life out on an electric scooter which usually looks like that they are transported without a handlebar. Often scary but these are the new technologies that came into existence with this different name which is known as the hoverboard. Others come under the name of glide-boards also which are also called balance boards which have no handle and you survive by self-balancing personal transporter. Some people not familiar with them may call them “two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicles,” “two-wheel stand up electric scooter,” or “two-wheel scooter.” They are no longer just a thing of the movies. In a nutshell, these personal mobility devices are essentially Segways without the steering handle. Invented in 2013, the transporter is made of two motorized wheels connected in the middle by two footpads which are used to control and steer the hoverboard. However, because of their rare existence, hoverboards are not very common and can cost a dime for you to sell-off. However, you can use HOVERBOARD360 COUPONS at couponswindow.com so that you can enjoy the free adventurous ride.

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Despite the fact that hoverboards are expensive but they should be at least worth your time and effort hence you will have a list of hoverboards. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of different hoverboards on the market right now, only a few of them are actually worth your time. Our favorite is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. In addition to being a solid, well-built machine, it’s also designed with high-quality components that you can trust. In other words, you can rest assured that it won’t spontaneously burst into flames and burn your house down while you sleep.

There are following hoverboards:

1. Razor hovertrax

2. Segway mini pro

3. Epicgo classic

4. Halo rover

There are fair chances that you're familiar with the scooter that put them on the map around the turn of the millennium. They have not been disappeared but there are some of the modified existence. They haven’t gone anywhere, and now that they’ve received their UL 2722 safety certification, they’re making moves to get into the hover-board game. The Classic self-balancing scooter, from Silicon Valley-based Epikgo, is the ultimate all-terrain hoverboard. High-tread tires ensure safe navigation across any ground cover, be it grass, dirt, or pavement, and the scooter’s sturdy design helps push it safely to a maximum speed of 10. Riders can count on the Classic to last for about 10 miles on a single charge, and both the battery pack and the scooter itself have been certified safe under UL 2271 and 2272. That’s not to say this machine is dumbed down or not suited for more experienced riders. The Halo Rover has a weight limit of up to 224 lbs, and can handle inclines of up 20 degrees, so hauling your groceries home or lugging your books to class should be no problem. It also comes in two flavors (regular and X) if you prefer a more edgy body design.

In the end, what makes the Halo Rover stand out isn’t any outlandish or over-the-top features, it’s simply that it’s a reliable, safe piece of hardware that you don’t have to worry ab How we choose.


We do not do on-site hoverboard testing at Digital Trends, but we compiled this list with a lot of research. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a staple in our New York office, where members of the DT team can be seen whizzing from room to room and pulling donuts in the hallway, and it’s the best hoverboard we’ve used, all around. As far as we can tell, the most important trait for a self-balancing scooter is a safety out.

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