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Lane Bryant and Cacique is an apparel store for plus size women. They believe in fashion and fit for all rather than just size. Their plus size fashion makes them leaders in the plus size industry as many brands do not cater to bigger, curvier sizes, that leaves many women without a good fit and well-shaped clothes. Many brands also charge extra for the bigger sizes that not many can afford.

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They not only offer good quality plus size fashion but with the Lane Bryant Coupons available on, customers can even avail Lane Bryant discounts on the products they purchase.

The products are available in-stores and can be shopped for online through the Lane Bryant website. Cacique is also a Lane Bryant brand, that stocks innerwear and sleepwear for plus size women. Customers can get high-end fashion without feeling guilty as not everyone is the same size. Lane Bryant sells clothes and Cacique sells the innerwear.

Lane Bryant Promo Codes

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Lane Bryant Shopping Tips

  • Shop during a clearance sale: Save big bucks by shopping in the clearance sale
  • Combine the clearance with the codes: If you have Lane Bryant Promo Codes available from websites such as, go ahead and try combining them with the Lane Bryant Clearance sale.
  • Go for it: You can always make a purchase online as they allow store returns later without any hassle, take a chance.
  • Review it: Read the reviews by other shoppers and determine which item is the best for you or find the best deals through them.
  • Do your homework! Be sure of what you want and need and look around for the discounted items, combine them with discounts codes from websites such as to save more.
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More About Lanebryant

Lane Bryant and Cacique’s has both stores, online and offline, that are real-life stores. The online store is just as well equipped as the real store. They provide the same fashion and choices for plus size women that mostly only a certain shape and size of women get to purchase. You can either make your purchases in the store or order your choices online. The company started in 1904 after the bank spelled the name of the owner Lena Bryant as Lane Bryant.

At the time Lena Bryant started as a seamstress after her husband passed away and she had to support herself and her son. The company started with making maternity clothes after a pregnant woman asked Lena to sew her something that was presentable and comfortable to wear in public. The dress was a complete hit and soon word spread and the demand grew for clothes as these grew. Soon Lena got busy with sewing clothes for pregnant women. But as time passed and the company grew, so did the product line.

Lena saw a new kind of change needed in clothing being provided to the women. So she started a new line and added that to her portfolio. Lena started catering to the needs of stout women like herself and with the help of her second husband after her second marriage, they achieved more than they had set out too. The need of the time was felt and were catered too. Her husband worked at the marketing side and set out to grow their business. Lena worked on the designs and the products being produced.

It was a time when pregnancy was still not talked about in the open and the needs to such women were not being met in the clothes being fashioned at the time. She worked on designs and fits that were ahead of their time and catered to women in ways that clothes had not in the previous times. They made moving easy without losing the grace and the fit covered the body like a glove at the same time. Women liked the innovative designs and became loyal customers. The collections were sought after and would sell out quickly. Women’s clothing industry witnessed a revolution and also an acceptance to plus size and maternity fashion on a scale which was not seen before this.

Since its beginning, They had with time grown in a huge empire, catering to many women in need of good fashion and fit with their varying heights and sizes. Even after more than a hundred years, As a brand, they still working hard to carry on their legacy. Which has been of great success as they are now one of the leading companies catering to plus size fashion and are inclusive of all types of women.  Lane Bryant’s store and the online store also accepts the Lane Bryant Coupons available on websites such as, that help women gain discount like Lane Bryant 25% off $75 while shopping. Lane Bryant Promo Codes help women save money on their shopping that adds to one of the many advantages of shopping.

The company does not only sell clothes and inner wear. Time has helped them grown and add multiple product lines to their brand. They also provide a range of other products such as accessories and jewelry. Their online store has all the ranges available for their customers to purchase. They have jewelry, that you can match with your dresses. They even sell different styles of watches. To add more character to your look they also sell hats and belts. They can be added over the different types of dresses or to add style to your pants. They even have shoes of many types. You can also throw in a scarf from their scarves section and add sunglasses that are available in different shapes, styles, and colors. All of these become more affordable in Lane Bryant Clearance Seasons

Their clothing section is also full of variety such as different types of tops that you can pair with pants or skirts. They even have jackets, many women love a great jacket that fits right and is cool. They even have stylish dresses, that have a great style and fit for all women who wear them. They also have a range of Livi Active, that is their fitness wear section. Finding a good fit for different body types in fitness wear is a task for many women.

Variety of fitness wear and sportswear are also available, they comprise of choices from athleisure, active tops, active bottoms, jackets & hoodies, sports bras, training, and yoga & a studio. You can rock great style, comfortable fabric and an amazing fit for all your fitness activities. Since the original owners believed in giving back, they have always stuck to that motto. They still work towards empowering women and young girls and plan to double their efforts with the coming times.

You can get all the details on the website and help them achieve their goals. Lane Bryant is also one of the first companies that introduced benefits for the employees other than wages, benefits such as profit sharing, health insurance among other things since the start of the company. The tradition at that time was relatively new and kept the employees motivated to work harder and help the company progress. Till today the company makes sure their employees are well taken of and are comfortable with the environment they work in. This is because when the employees are putting in the full efforts without any worries, the products and services get even better. This, in turn, makes the customers even happier because, in the end, all the hard work that the company puts in is to make sure their customers are always satisfied and happy.

The customers drive the company and their needs are always kept first. The company does thorough research on what women want and work provide them with just that and more. Each collection has deep research and thought before being approved. Each cut and design goes through extensive processes before the final merchandise is created for amazing customers. Do not forget to add the Lane Bryant Coupons available on, when checking out so you can save yourself some money.

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