A Shopping Lovers Stitch Fix Review

Stitch fix review

If you hate to shop or have a limited style trust me, I don’t know anything about that. In my head, I am a celebrity stylist. Everyone I know comes to me for advice. They mostly also love what I put together for myself. So giving up control of all of this is not easy. I love to roam around the shopping mall in my free time. Most of my money goes towards putting together the perfect looks for myself. Getting the latest clothes, matching shoes, and who can forget the accessories.

Those who don’t like to go shopping and are fine with whatever they can find to cover themselves aren’t very comfortable with trying something new also.

So basically giving up control and letting someone else dress you are not a task that both kinds of shoppers are into. One for the fear of receiving something that doesn’t go with the already amazing style. The other for the fear of receiving something that doesn’t go with their simple style. Imagine giving up the control to a complete stranger. A stranger that you would never meet or talk to. A complete objective point of view from their side.

I came across Stitch Fix a few times during my online shopping sprees. It did seem to catch my attention but I wasn’t quite ready for it. A styling service, that sends you a box of five pieces of clothing of their personal choice, based on the answers you submit in a survey. Sounded fun and scary at the same time. They can have a complete understanding based on what I add to their questionnaire. But, the website did linger in my head and I decided to give it a try.

Based on the stitch fix reviews that I read prior to ordering, it was a hit and miss service. That completely depended on whether you are interested in what they sent or not. For some people some articles were a little too much, so they sent them back. Some people absolutely loved what they got and even kept the full boxes. Some even got the delivered multiple times. One lady had received it five times already. Considering my ever growing shopping pile, I thought there was no harm in checking out the website one time.

They have a range of categories for clothing available. Along with women, men could also purchase boxes to up their style. Women who wear plus size, petite size, and also women who are expecting can shop from here. Kids also had their own dedicated section. That means they cover all types of customers that wanted their help. I made my account to go forward and was happy with how simple the website was to use. The questionnaire was detailed. I liked their concerns and their questions. I had that filled out in no time. Before I knew it, I had ordered my first box (I know I only went to check the website… but…).

I also liked the fact that they had the option of integrating your Pinterest account with them. You can create your style board and they can get an idea of what you want visually. Though I did not do it this time and only went with the questionnaire.

So I ended up deciding on getting someone else to choose my next shopping spree items. The feeling was both full excitement and nervousness. They had a simple policy, I selected the date I wanted to receive the order. I paid up and then I waited. I received my order on the promised day. I felt a little weird, for the first time not knowing what was in the box. I opened it and found the five items they had sent of their choice.

I actually liked the material of the clothes. The jacket was a little something out of my comfort zone that I would not have bought on my own. But, I decided to keep it along with the two shirts they had sent over. I, however, did not like one pair of pants they had sent over. The florals were a little off for my style. The other ones were actually not a great fit. So I decided to return those.

They have a simple return policy. The policy allows the customer to send back any items they didn’t like within three days. That what I did, along with my feedback. The styling fee they charged me was $20 and the rest for the clothes that I kept.

Now, overall I liked the items I had received. Though I may not agree with all their choices. Though that is the whole point of the service. To receive items, you wouldn’t normally choose. I did keep three out of the five items that I had received so that says a lot. I usually don’t go along with everything that comes in my hand. I would say they are on the expensive side and I wouldn’t make a habit of buying from them. But, I would keep them in mind and may after a few months try my hand again. That would be fun and exciting. I know a few people who can really use this service on a regular basis.

Next time, I am planning to create my style board for my choices of the month that I order in. All the styles, cuts, color choices, designs, all that I would normally do in my head. I had no idea that a shopaholic like me would actually give the controls to a stranger. The more I thought about it before the weirder I found it. But, the service amazed me and now I want to try it out again. I wrote my first review and plan on writing multiple Stitch Fix reviews in the future according to all the experiments that I do.

If you don’t like shopping, you should give this service a try. If a person like me can actually really like the service. You would also love what you receive!

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