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Did you every end up at Target to get something important and found out that particular item is out of stock? You must have wished, if there were any way to find out beforehand whether they had the particular item or not. Before you got ready, drove all the way, found parking at the farthest end of the lot. Then walked all the way to the store and then to the aisle. So much time wasted for things that you now have to either wait for or visit the next Target store for.

Well my loves, your prayers have been answered because the Brickseek now exists on the internet. You can either go the long way to search for it and then look for Target in it. Or you can just go to Target Inventory checker and  land on the page of your dreams.

No more putting in so much effort to end up at an empty shelf. The days of the pain are now left in the past. The technology of the future is in the palm of our hands! We thought, store pick-up, drive-up and home delivery is the best that could happen to use. But, then came along the online apps. Finally, they have now invented a website we all have been waiting for, the inventory checker Brickseek Target. Your own personal assistant to help you track all the items you need. You don’t even have to leave the house to know whether they have the items you need or not. You are also saved the hassle of calling and waiting around!!

The whole process may look complicated but it’s actually a very easy thing. You just need to get in tune with a few terms and you will be good to go. They may seem like big words that are very scary. But, in the end they are very easy and quick to learn. Once, you get over the initial part of understanding the terms. You will be a pro at searching the items you need in no time.

Ok! Now, keep your eyes and mind open. You will want to keep all your focus on this. You can always start by following the instructions along with reading this. Give it a try yourself before you really have to do it and are then confused.

So we are now starting lesson number 1, which are the main terms that you will actually be searching for to determine whether the inventory is available or not:

  • DPCI: Department Class and Item Numbers
  • UPC: Universal Product Code
  • SKU: Stock Keeping Unit

Like mentioned before, these terms will help you determine, the individual identity of the items in stock. You don’t have to remember the full abbreviation but have to be familiar with the short ones. The Brickseek website requires us to use either the DPCI number or the UPC. But to not confuse you I also put in SKU because some websites have mentioned it.

Moving forward, the first thing you need to do is determine what you want from your local Target store. In most cases these are for the last minute items that you desperately need. So get to making a list. Once the list has been determined, you fire up your laptop or even your mobile phone. You need a device with internet that allows you to open two tabs at once.

Okay so here is the lesson on looking for the DPCI or UPC number, which would be our lesson number 2:

  1. Open the target website or mobile app, whichever suits you better and you have the time for.
  2. Enter the item in the search bar
  3. Click on the item searched and open it
  4. Now on this step you need to carefully scroll down and look for “other info” of the item
  5. In this section you will find the mentioned DPCI or UPC for the particular item, Once you have found any of the two, you are good to go.
  6. Copy the number and head on to the Brickseek website.


Now, we are on lesson number 3. The actual reason we are both here, me typing this and you reading it:


  1. Open the Brickseek website
  2. Select Target from the different options given
  3. Once on the page, you determine which Target you are looking for by entering your zip code
  4. You can then further narrow down your search by selecting either recommended, distance, price or quantity in the “Sort by” option.
  5. You can also select whether you are looking for the product by UPC or DPCI number.
  6. Once the number has been added and all the field filled with the relevant information, you can now click “Check Inventory”
  7. The product with the information will then be displayed on your screen accordingly.

See it is a very easy search! You can get done with a single search in five minutes flat. You can even look for replacement items; it may show you if the item you are searching for is out of stock.

It may seem like too many instructions at once but you will be surprised by how quick and easy it actually is. Trust me! When I started out, it seemed like a better idea to just drive and go check the items in person. But, then I gave it a try, and now I am addicted.

Brickseek Target is my go-to website for when I need to make sure they have what I need or not. Especially, when I have to go out in a bad weather. The rain and snow or the scorching heat, are not the elements of nature I like to mess with too much. So, I first search up the items, and make sure they are there before I get ready and leave. I also have been really bad at planning things, so I have to depend on last minute shopping. This has also saved me liters of petrol from just roaming around. It is worth a try, so best of luck!!

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