Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club review

Grooming for men is just as important as anything else in the world. The one thing all of us men are obsessed with is the hair on our faces and head. Our beards should look good; our mustache must be perfect. Our hair should have more gel than buildings have cement. Well, maintaining goods requires time and patience. Shaving is also just as important as it is can become a nuisance when your razor runs out of uses and you don’t have any left in stock. It also irritates when you are traveling and you need travel size kits and you can’t get them in your local store nearest to you. In the end, you just do not want to drive to the store for that one razor head.

Having the right partner for getting the right shave is also very important. They make your life easier by bringing all that you need all wrapped up at your door at affordable prices. I found my partner in Dollar Shave Club when I first found out about it a few years ago. Since then they have made my life very easy with their subscription boxes. Bringing my shaving handles and refill heads to my door. Along with their unbelievably low prices for the whole service that also include the products. They have grown with time and brought many types of products to their company. I have been one happy customer the whole time. Today, I am writing a long overdue Dollar Shave Club Review.

As I said, I discovered them a few years back and have been ordering from them regularly since then. I was pretty much tired of the whole grooming game. Everything was too expensive and I had to go out multiple times to get myself razors and blades. That had me doing shopping on top for items that I didn’t need (such as restocking my junk cabinet). I know bad habits don’t go away this easily. The best part about Dollar Shave Club is that it is online and there are no distractions. You can easily make your account, log-in, and get everything that you need. Along with their signature blades, they have a variety of other products. Such as trial kits for several products, which you can later decide whether you want the full size for or not. They also have travel kits that you can take along when flying or when going to stay elsewhere. They also have other shave products. They also have a large variety of shower, oral care, hair style, and skin care. They have also launched deodorant and wipes along with colognes.

I have been with them since they didn’t have much of these options that they offer today. I have seen them grow and loved being a part of their journey. As for the membership, it is completely free of cost. You can become a member, search for the items you need, order them, and get them at your doorstep. You at the end of the day only pay for the items you receive. Now, that is something that had me clicking away in no time. They also do not charge a shipping fee or the restocking of the item if you have ordered blades in them. Every month or as many times a year you want you can schedule deliveries. They will be free of shipping cost if you have ordered blades in them. If your order doesn’t have blades in them or you have ordered in between then you need to pay $4 for shipping for orders of $15 and below. That is quite cheap considering all the petrol I have put in the previous years and all the extra shopping that I have done on top of it.

The first time you log in, you get to purchase a starter pack with your main razor and different goodies in it. Later you just receive your parcel with the blades and things you want to order. Do check your settings after the first month finishes so you can choose what you want to receive from there onward. At times they would also include a free sample with your order. Usually, it is just a little note that you would need.

I along with the monthly razor box also get my favorite hair and shower products restocked from them. Each month at the same time I get my order without any hassle. I even at times forget the date and they still show up. I also travel regularly, so at times, I even pause the deliveries for that month. If the delivery date falls within my traveling dates, I postpone the delivery for that time period.

They do not bind you in any way. You can change your membership at any time that you feel like. You can even cancel your subscriptions for when you feel like. Dollar Shave club lets you have complete control in every way. Be it selecting the products that you really want or the number of times you want it in the year. I did initially not understand the service and was very confused. Regarding what I wanted and what I didn’t. As time passed I became more comfortable. I even sent them emails with my concerns and I was not disappointed by them in any way.

This, as mentioned before, was one of the most overdue Dollar Shave Club review that I have written. I definitely recommend it to everyone who has not tried it out. Receiving a box full of razors may seem weird and not appealing to most. But, once you get used to the idea, it can be addictive. You don’t have to sell your arm and your eyes to cover the cost for a great shave. It also saves a lazy person like me time to not go shopping. I get everything I need in the mail. No more driving in the middle of the day because I forgot to buy myself a razor.

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