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If there is anything people love painting more than a canvas. It is their faces with the latest makeup being used as the paints. The best way to try which paint… Oh I meant makeup you want to get the most is determined on you trying it. Plus, not always you want to purchase everything you come across. It can be expensive and tedious. The best thing to do is get is to get your hands on all your loved items for free. How to get free makeup is very easy, all you need is to know where to look for it. Once, you get that down, you won’t ever look back to the days of savings and purchasing (easier said than done I guess).

Choices or Not, You Get to Decide Which One to Keep or Not Keep!

You do not even need to spend on makeup that much if you nail these techniques. You would either pay the most minimalistic amount or the best part you won’t be paying at all.  You would have a complete makeup haul of the items you love the most. Sometimes you might not have the choice. But, if the items you receive are worth it than I don’t see a problem in it. You never know the items you receive are the ones you would fall head over heels in love with.

Plus, your credit card would have no debt on it. No more explaining where all the money went! Now, that sounds like a deal most women here would take up without a fight. It’s completely fine to have a hoarding problem if you are not overspending on your monthly limits. We are here to help you with the problem.

Let’s get started on getting our hands on makeup and lets not pay for it!!

  • Don’t just chat on Facebook make use of it

Yes, you can get in touch with your friends. Meet the whole world, the world just got smaller because of it. But, the one most amazing thing you don’t know that you can do on Facebook is. It is that you can get free makeup samples. Things got free and shopping got more fun!

Yup! You can just search up in the search bar for free makeup samples. Imagine, you don’t have to do other than just search up and the gold mine just lands in your phone! It will reveal the authentic pages online that would be offering free samples. All you would have to do is like their page, fill in survey, and stay active. They would filter you down and even select you to send free things. You can then give them good reviews on the page, that would add on to their trust, and your chances of being regularly send free items.


  • Review the items in all honesty!

Now, what most companies need is good publicity. They need individuals who would try their products and place them as a trusted company. If you place yourself as that honest and trusted person. The person who reviews the product in all honesty, you would be selected to be sent free items for sampling and reviewing. You could be the lucky person most companies select for the honest reviews. There are several free websites that allow you to sign up and fill surveys. They would send you items without any cost and wait ask you to post reviews about them. Post them on your social media, so they get the recognition and more people purchase it. Sometimes they would send you just little samples. But, if you are lucky enough, you just might receive the full product. Keep your reviews honest, keep that consistent and detailed. The more the reviews, the more they would regularly be trusting you with their products. The less you have to spend on your own for any product.


  • Just register the fact that you were born

No, I am not joking! All you have to do is be born to be rewarded once a year for it. Even if you are not a regular online shopper. You do not need to meet any purchase target for this. All you have to do is register yourself for the rewards program of your favorite makeup brands. Leading brands such as, Ulta, BareMinerals, and Sephora, reward you for being born.

You don’t even have to be that active on the forum, but, if you are that’s a bonus. You get free makeup products from the brand, regularly on your birthday. I feel like that’s a great offer once a year. Registering yourself doesn’t even take that long. Plus, if you do shop that’s like added rewards for more free shopping later.  Even if anyone else forgets to wish you or get you a gift. Your favorite makeup brand would always have your back!


  • If you love free gifts, stop purchasing the items!

Well, you don’t want to pay for items you can get without any cost. Then simply do not pay for them. if you love shopping at Ulta and do so regularly, get the other amazing products they have to offer. Get your makeup for free by checking the free gift with any of your purchases section. When the brand itself is giving out free items, I don’t see any reason to pay for it. Before you start purchasing checkout the free gifts they are giving out and make your makeup choices from there. You can do so with all of your purchases. Being a regular shopper or not, free gifts are always there!

You also get a mystery bag of 8 premium samples. The deal is on right now, where you get to receive them but then your purchases should be above $50. Just keep a look out for such deals. You never know what you come across.


  • Just ask the makeup moguls, you will be rewarded for your courage!

Leading makeup brands such as Sephora, give out free samples. All you have to do is ask. You get a choice of three samples, online and also in stores. They do let you try out in the store but it doesn’t hurt to ask for more. Plus, you do want to check-out the affect in the different lightings and settings. The sample sizes also allow a few uses out of it before you run out. Also, if you are a regular shopper, you can always get your fill every few days. They only allow you to take these samples every time you visit the store. The number of times you visit them really doesn’t matter. The online store also lets you order the free samples of your choices. This allows you to try the different makeup, creams, and other items, without having you to pay for it. It’s not like you always want to purchase an item. Sometimes it’s just an infatuation with a certain lip shade, or an eye color after which you want to try something new. Sephora allows you to sift through till you find the perfect one. Or, you can just keep going because the inner you want you to.


  • Search the Amazon and hit the Target!

If there is something out there in the world that has to reach the masses. Amazon and Target would know and provide it for their customers. Be it any deals or even free items. You just need the correct skill set to spot and mix up the offers.

If you nail your couponing skills at Target, you can either get the makeup products for free or pay in just pennies! Use the offers and deals, combine them with the correct coupons and don’t pay a fortune for even the leading brands. You do not need to be paying the shown price just because it says so.

If Amazon doesn’t have it than I don’t know who would! Amazon also lets you get test out free samples. As an Amazon Prime member you can get your hands on Prime Samples. You would find all kinds of items tempting you that to free of cost. Though you do have to pay for the membership but if you use the perks right with the free shipping offer. You will get more in return than the amount you would be paying.


Let’s review:

You know now how to get free makeup and will not be paying for most items. You will be signing up for reviews, and product testing. Also you would be brushing up on your social skills and asking the retailers with full confidence for free samples. You would also be only getting free gifts with your purchases from brands that do offer you the privilege. Getting to know the world and meeting people is great. Just take out sometime to fill out review forms, like pages, and be rewarded in makeup for it.

Repeat the oath after me:

“I will not purchase anymore makeup till I absolutely have too! I will get the free samples and make mine and my pockets life easier!!”

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