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free fast food

Food makes the world go round. The fuel we all need to keep on in our lives. But, with passing time, cooking home food and feeding yourself a proper meal has been becoming very difficult. You do not get the time, or the burger was just too tempting. It’s Friday who doesn’t have a pizza then! This also piles up on your bills and gets heavy on the pocket. All the other things on your list fall short because of this. Fast food not only means its served fast enough. It also finishes up your money even faster. Guess, most of us are as guilty as charged. We can’t really do much about it. All because of our love for food.

Where Do You Even Begin to Prioritize Between Savings and Fast Food?

There are just so many things to spend your money on. So many choices and so little money at the end of your paycheck after that. You never know where all the money went and it’s only been a week since you got paid. If you are a student, that’s an even worse feeling. Well, choosing between, clothes, makeup, and food should not be a choice anyone has to make. Especially when shopping and eating count as your biggest weakness.

Good Things in Life Can Come for Free if You Know Where to Look!

When you get to know how to get fast food for free you will be saving more than you ever imagined.  Your stomach and your pocket will be happy. You wouldn’t have to choose between your favorites. You would also be left with rent money at the end of the month. No choosing between a great meal, or the roof over your head!

Though it would require you to put in a little effort. But, good things in life that do come for free do require some sort of sacrifice. Plus, it’s food I think everyone has the time to get their freebies on. Don’t worry you would not be spending first and then receiving the perks. Sometimes you might but then there is a choice of which offer is worth it or not. But, you would have to prioritize your time for some of the offers.

Let’s get started on our free fast food adventure:

  • You love the restaurant just download the app

Restaurants and leading food chains have taken over the internet and provide you with the best they have to offer. To be always with you and be in your mind, they have made the online presence possible in every way. The app development of these leading brands also has many offers. They provide their latest menu additions, deals, and discounts.

All of these by just downloading the free app on any of your devices, be it Apple or Android. You can even score free food for just signing up. Like, you just entered the most inner realm of delicious food, and you score a free treat for starters. That would have you looking for more. Which with a little search you will be able to find and get without any charges!

You may not get the most expensive thing on the menu. But, you might be able to land a small desert or a burrito roll. Depending on the restaurant, the would make the free food available.


  • Got time on your hands and want to dine-out somewhere without paying?

Okay! So what’ better than having a great meal for free and someone paying you to try it? I don’t think there is anything! You get to eat for free and you don’t even have to pay for it!  But, after the restaurant trip you would have to spare an hour afterwards to fill out the survey form. The details from start to finish, grading the service, food, and overall hygiene of the place.

Well, you can sign yourself up as a spy or mystery eater on the various websites or apps available online. There you will be sent on undercover missions to eat and testify at different restaurants. The people sending you on the mission not only pay for your meal, But, you also might end up getting paid for all your services. You will be a part of the elite food force that regulates restaurants in terms of quality of food, service, and taste. You will be the savior of tasty food and good health for those who can’t participate in this noble cause.

Overall whether the restaurant is treating its customers with the best service and food or not. You help keep the restaurant in line, with your undercover help to the food authorities.

Just imagine, which mission you would be on each time!


  • If you are a loyal customer already, why not make the most of it?

Being loyal to one chain is difficult with all the choices out there in the world. But, we all have our preferences and there are some chains we keep coming back to. For customers that always fall back to the same chain, there are some loyalty perks you can make the most out of.

Yes! Just sign up for the loyalty programs online for your favorite chains. Zero in on the food chains that you keep on ordering from regularly. Get your loyalty game on by making your account. That would allow you earn rewards on your purchases, discounted deals, and the best even offer free food.


  • Make sure to let them know when you were born

Your birthday is one day; the world can appreciate your existence. Being an adult is exhausting and expensive. You need all the freebies and extra money you can get now. More than when you were young. Where did all that birthday money from the childhood even go?? Well, it’s gone and can’t be brought back! You have to take matters in your hands. Let everyone know today is the day you were born. You don’t need to wait up on your friends and family for the gifts and treats. Friends would rather take the treat themselves (I know that is annoying!).

But, when you have your favorite chain giving you free food for existing. You hit those stops first! They would happily dish-out something you will love. A doughnut, an ice-cream, or a hot drink!

So when you are signing up for the apps or loyalty programs, remember to add your birthday. You just as might get something for free on that one particular day if not the rest!


  • Get your couponing game strong!

Okay! Free food is no joke… If you are addicted to fast food that’s even worse!

Here, you need to get on with your skills of mixing up the offers, with the perfect coupon codes to go with it. When you think of how to get free fast food, the first thing that pops up in your brains are discounts that can be paired up with the correct deals. These discounts can be turned into free food by using them with the correct offers, in the right order. Like checking out which fast food chain is participating. The offers they accept the discount codes with. On top of that adding more discount with gift cards and the pairing of the correct credit card. Once, all the ammunition has been placed correctly, you will be able to eat without having to pay for the food!

Imagine, a restaurant chain actually owing you for making your purchases from them. You may not always be able to get the actual meal. But, you may as well land some item that they would offer without any cost!


  • If you have already paid, check your receipt for the next freebie

If you are feeling bad about all the money you spent on an order. Check your receipts for the last one week (that is if you have not thrown them already). This is because you might have free meal offers in some of the receipts.

If you remember to check the receipts before you throw them away. You just might be able to score a free meal on it. Even from leading fast food chains. There are many offers different restaurants add to the payment receipt. If you catch the offer in time, you will be able to redeem the free meal.

Start collecting those receipts, you may be able to eat the next week without having to pay at all. You have to check the offer and its validity. If it’s for week, you can use it for the next meal you eat or even two days after.

Do remember to read all the instructions and keep your receipts safe! You are still reading? Go and quickly check all the receipts you have left behind.

Yes, we all love fast food and it’s difficult to hold yourself back. Get all these trick under your belt and save the most you have in all your life. Birthday or not, eat without feeling guilty or paying for the most part.

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