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The starting years of a baby’s life determine their growth in all areas. These especially crucial for mental growth. Finding the right material for your child that would help them grow is very important. Taking the time out and finding the most appropriate material is not always possible. There are just so many things to go that this goes to the back of the shelf.

But, having someone take away that worry and box them out to you sounds like a blessing. KiwiCo is a company that does exactly that. It’s a monthly subscription box for young minds from the birth going all the way to sweet sixteen and above (0-16+). As a parent since I discovered them I have not had to worry about my child’s growth. I have to only order and it comes all the way to my door. Saves me a lot of time from researching and hunting material down myself. Though you would find lots of KiwiCo reviews and they have most of the things outlined on their website. You can also read through my review to understand a parent’s concern even more.

Each age group has a specific crate for them. This also includes the area of learning that they target. Choosing the perfect one for your own child depends on what they are interested in. Starting from 0 years going up to sweet sixteen and up. This means the crates start bundling from the second a child is born. This is so, children from the start are shaped appropriately and inclined towards learning new things. From being little tadpoles (their first crate) to all the being a Eureka person (their last crate going up to the age of 104). This means we can also get in some learning with the kids if we ever feel like. Each age group has a learning subject attached to it. Be it being creative with arts and science. Or, be it for engineering and building. Geography is also covered in this. They cover a large learning ground according that covers different interests and areas of learning. You can determine where your child falls and what they would like to learn more about.

Now, to choose which box to order it is also a very simple thing. The interests of your child should determine your selection. Ordering without taking into account the child’s interest won’t have the desired outcome. The ages may seem to overlap or not meet with each other. But, each child his and her own individual learning capabilities. Some are a little slow, some perfectly on time, and some ahead of time. You need to determine the interests of your child. I choose my crates more according to what I felt my child was interested in at the time. I have received several interesting crates and have been satisfied. My children have immensely benefited from this service. It is also something that they look forward to each month. We receive the boxes and they get into it right away. I have also been a part of their learning journey through the KiwiCo crates. It has also helped my family bond stronger with playing and learning at the same time.

Ordering it is the simplest thing. The process is not lengthy and takes only a few clicks. You can choose the crate you want to receive. The time for subscribing ranges from monthly, then to 3 months, then 6 months, and finally 12 months. The first two being for $19.95, the 6 months’ subscription for $18.95, and the 12 months’ subscription for $16.95. I started with the one-month box to see what the service was all about. It was amazing and my children loved it. Now I get the three months’ subscription. They love the whole ordeal of getting something new every month. Considering my kids’ tire soon enough and have a short attention span, I give a break in between deliveries.

The payment can be done online in no time and the delivery would be made accordingly. You can even add coupon codes to save even more on your order. They have the option available when finalizing the billing. You can also upgrade the subscription to receive a specially curated book for the time to you have subscribed it for that time. Your selection of the box determines the book that would be sent along. The option is presented when you are finalizing your order and the crate you want to receive.

I even have to add to my KiwiCo review that I also planned to give one-month subscription box as a gift to a dear friend’s child. Considering mine were older I had not tried the Tadpole crate. She also loved it. The gift prices were higher considering it was a non-renewable subscription. They wrapped it up nicely and the gift was delivered on time. I plan of gifting these more often to my close family and friends. They are different and unique to what most parents receive.

Overall, the services and the products I have received by KiwiCo have gone above and beyond my imagination. I have loved my experience with them and plan on ordering in the future also. It lets your child grow with practical knowledge without letting them get bored. The book that they add is also worth the read. I have saved all their projects and the books they have received as memories. They love putting their masterpieces on display. I love seeing them grow as they are.

Like I have mentioned before, each child has different interests and different growth rate. Order the boxes according to what you think would best suit for your child. You will be pleasantly surprised at how dedicated your child would have become towards learning something new. They would enjoy the hands-on activity. Learning doesn’t always have to be boring. KiwiCo has understood that and made learning a great fun time. They actually make a child look forward to learning something new each month. I would totally recommend everyone to try one box out before putting the whole thing behind them!

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