Low Cost Pet Vaccinations at Walgreens

pet vaccination

Getting quality medicines at low prices is a task in itself for humans. When you get the furry friends involved with four legs, fur, or those with two legs and feather. Whether they be hairless and live in water. The job becomes even more difficult. Sometimes it can be even more expensive. Just like children and adults, animals also fall ill. Especially, those who have been petted. They do not remain used to the wild. Along with that humans do not want to catch what these guys are suffering from. It can be contagious and cause more threats. Vaccinations, in this case, are very important. Just like with humans, pet vaccinations should be taken seriously. You can’t always afford to pay the high prices but you have to find your way around it.

Walgreens is the Place to Be

Walgreens is one place where you can always lean for support. Humans have benefited a lot from the health clinics that Walgreens has offered in a majority of its locations. You get to check the wait time online, and even make an appointment to skip waiting. The service is even available on weekends. The medicines and vaccinations are cheap and can be covered by your insurance. You just have to show them your insurance card. They would happily take you in and have your vaccinations done in no time.

 What if life with your pets also becomes this easy?

Yes! The place not only offers human medicines and checkups but also covers pets. Walgreens though not in all states but in some does offer pet vaccinations. At this point, they offer services for dogs and cats. You can take your furry friend in and have them get the same great service in no time at all. You also save time and money.

ShotVet and Walgreens, Together Bring You the Amazing Service…

Not everyone can afford the annual fees for proper veterinarian. But, they still love their pets that they are willing to do anything that would keep them safe. Right now there are not too many services that are being offered. Just vaccinations for cats and dogs. You can just show up at the clinic and avail the service.

ShotVet is a veterinary company that has partnered with Walgreens. Together they have brought to life the minute-clinics that provide low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens. They are located at some of your neatest Walgreens stores. They are relatively new and we hope to see some serious progressions with time.

The Pros That We Should Be Putting Our Focus On

Getting ill is very expensive. Just one medicine can end up putting a dent in your pocket. Let alone taking precautionary measures for your pets before they fall ill. Even the shots after they do catch something. For the most effect, they should be regular. Many veterinarians actually end up charging more than what most people can afford.

The prices for the vaccinations at the Walgreens locations range between $18 to $39 per shot. It is actually cheaper than most other places. You do not have to wait for appointments. It’s a first come, first serve service that you can avail. They also do not have an examination fee. Which means you get a quick check-up without having to pay for it. It’s quick and you don’t have to wait long for it.

To save more they even offer bundle packages. These packages further reduce the prices. You can easily avail those. That would act like a complete medical bundle also for your pet. You wouldn’t even have to pay separately for the shots. That is a big save for people on budgets. It can also be a big save for people struggling on the streets, who come across a little amount that could help their pets. Most people in these conditions have dogs that need help.

All of this helps to increase the number of vaccinated pets around you. This in return actually decreases the chances of diseases on a mass basis. Which in return makes sure you live in a healthy and safe neighborhood. This also ensures the health of your pet when it interacts with other pets. Overall increasing health for everyone involved and in contact with them. Parvovirus, distemper, and gastrointestinal parasites are some of the most rampant diseases among pets. Regular vaccinations in affordable ranges for those in a financial crunch lowers the chances of such diseases.

There Are Some Drawbacks to The Service

Just like any other services there are some improvements that can be brought about. Since, it’s a low-cost service with free check-ups, it doesn’t give the proper amount of time to the check-ups. Lower cost means quick check-up that can overlook any underlying problem or internal growth. For those, you have to visit the veterinarian. For a quick vaccination stop, the service is great but not a lifetime partnership. Those who can’t reach a veterinarian can use this as a ray of hope but can’t always be satisfied with what they receive.

Since, it has no appointments, if you are in a hurry and there is a long wait you are stuck. It could also cause, problems related to heat for weaker dogs and cats. That need to be placed in the shade and cannot deal with the sun. Controlling pets is also not easy in the parking lot. Which can cause stress to your pet. Especially if the dogs are hyper, cats can end up in undue stress which could lead them to run wild.

We Suggest Give the Service Some Time to Grow!

The low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens are something not many thought to be able to avail. Though the drawbacks may seem big and we would suggest keeping the regular veterinarian visits. We also suggest that you give the service time to settle in. Let them find their footing and see what improvements they may bring. Better check-up services and appointments with a way to keep the pet history. That would allow you to get more out of the service. Till then let the number of vaccinated pets grow. Those who especially cannot afford more right now are in great luck!

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