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Entering a Macys store, physically, or virtually online is a feeling like no other. It’s just like that kid in the candy store. So much to choose from but then you can’t just have it all. But, you can make some wise decisions. The clothes, the jewelry, the shoes, the handbags, and all the wonderful designs. There are just too many overwhelming emotions that run through a crazy shopper. Even if you know how to contain your excitement. The great deals just don’t let the feeling die. Getting your hands on Macys item that you love at a great price is a dream that easily comes true. That is if you know how. You can then purchase more items and pay less. All that without a sale!

Yes, there are coupons, rewards, and all those sorts of things. But, you have to also thank the mighty Lord for the competitors! Yes! Macys wants to make the shopping experience more exciting for customers. For which Macys offers a price match policy! Now, there are some confusions around it. We would tackle the Macys price match policy step by step. So you get the best value for your shopping.

What Is Price Match You May Ask?

Well, price match is a benefit that various leading brands provide for their customers. The general meaning being if you find a lower price for an item you purchased at the brand from somewhere else. You can claim the difference and be rewarded in terms of gift cards or cash back. Some brands only do this between their own online and physical stores. Some like Macys also price match their competitors.

The only terms being that it should be done in the allowed time slot. Also, the item should be exactly the same in every way!. That usually falls between 7 to 10 days. Only 10 days are offered by Macys. The item for which the price match needs to be the same in every way. The color, size, the pattern, well you understand, right?

The best part of policy is that Macys price match is available for all your online purchases and store purchases.

Let’s get to which matching the prices now:

  • Filled up the cart virtually already? Get the prices in-store!

You have already surveyed the online store completely. You have eyed out the items you really love. But you want to see them up close and try them out. You live near a Macys store, so you decide to check there rather than place your order online. So you make your way to the store. You are now shopping in the store. You happily try out all the things you wanted. You have now made up your mind as to what you are actually purchasing and what you are not. You happen to come across the price tag before going to the counter. The item you found in-store was available for less cash value on Take your price to the cashier. They would immediately offer you that price. If you have an online coupon. Let them know about it. They would apply and further slash down the prices!

Do remember, coupons from competitor brands are not accepted. It has to be a Macys coupon!


  • Download the app, it’s not a waste of space!!

Signing up as member has many benefits. You can add your account on the app. One of the advantages from the app is to be able to scan the prices in-store for online pricing. That would allow you a quick comparison between the prices. When you spot the price difference. Just let the cashier know at check-out. They would price match right there and then.


  • Let’s get to know our competitor’s offerings first!

Everyone wants to outshine their competitors. The world today has so many brand competitors that you can’t even keep track of all of them. What you can do is to keep a track of some of them. You never know which brand is actually offering less price for an identical item. Your loyal brand wouldn’t like you to leave them for the other brand.

This is because Macys will price match them. You don’t have to switch brands for such trivial matters. Some of the qualifying stores are:

  • Belk
  • Bloomingdale
  • Bon Ton
  • Dillards
  • Kohl’s
  • C. Penney
  • Lord and Taylor
  • Nordstrom
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Sears


Amazon, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond or eBay do not qualify for the price match policy. Even if you do find something for a lower price on these websites. Macys will not accept to match the price.

For the qualifying brands, you need to have proof. Which can be in the form of store ad, the website itself, or if there is any other proof. You can show it to the cashier in-store or provide the link over the phone for your online order.


  • Don’t through the receipt out just yet!

So, it has been a few days since your big Macys haul. You are happy and content with all that you bought.


You have received your order a few days back. You are very happy with all that you received.

You are peacefully sitting and you come across the fact that Macys has dropped its prices. It has happened in less than 10 days’ since your shopping spree. You can’t sit around patiently. You look for those receipts! Do not throw them away till the 11th day of your purchase. It is very cruicial for the Macys price match to be claimed. The date and price of the receipt count at the company.

Once you have found the receipt. You quickly run to the nearest Macys store. You show them the receipt of the purchases. Ask and claim that does Macys price match!!

For online, call up the customer service. Let them know your online order number and let them process it! Once they have located your order and the receiving day, you will be able match the price.


Don’t let the receipts go! Get the extra price you paid back!!

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