Move Across the Country with Spending the Minimal Cost

Move Across the Country

Leaving your home to move to a new place is a scary but exciting part of your life. If you are moving across the country that’s a whole different story. On one side you are leaving behind a life you know and chartering your way in unknown territories. On the other hand, there is a whole new life and opportunities that are just waiting for you to come and make the most out of. One thing that scares us more than anything else is the cost to move across the country. You just have to find the cheapest way to move across country. You can’t use up all your savings fund before getting to the new place and starting a new job.

That is without having to pay a hefty sum to the movers, getting a new place in the new city, and the actual trip by car or by flight. Every factor needs to be properly checked from all angles. Everyone has a financial limit they cannot cross in any way. Whether you are moving as a student, a single person for a job, or as a family. You have to set your limits and try to keep within those limits. Till you don’t put a foot-down yourself. You will definitely end up overspending.

Finding The Cheapest Way to Move Is Difficult but Not Impossible

The most important part of the deal is to be organized. You have to be sure of all the factors where no matter what you just have to spend a certain amount. There is no hiding from them so keep your heart strong for those ones.

First and foremost, you have to make a list of everything no matter how small it may seem. The move has many factors involved, like moving insurances, getting the right movers, if you have kids then moving schools, and all those things. To make things easier on yourself, if it’s a planned move. Then start preparing for it at least two to three months prior. That way you can minimalize the headache. If it’s a last minute move, love, let’s hold virtual hands and have a small prayer session for your nerves and the body aches you would be having at the end of it. You would love to have the mattresses reach you before just in case (joking, relax! You got it!). Take a deep breath and get on with the move.

Here’s a list of tips that you can use to cut down moving costs:

  • You like it, don’t you dare buy it!

The most problematic and expensive part about moving is the things you would be taking along with you. Be it your furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, and carpets, curtains, and you get the point. The one thing you don’t want to do is add on the already existing pile.

Trust me, even if it doesn’t look like much, once you start packing. You hate yourself for purchasing this comfortable plus chair or bed. That you are currently sitting on while reading this.

Stop adding to your expenses unnecessarily. You don’t need the beautiful top you saw in the mall last week. There would be many shopping opportunities in the new city. Your dumbbells that you have right now are enough to add to the weight when the movers come. Get a gym membership in the new place while you save up from here.

Give yourself the push you need to stop buying things a few months before the move.


  • Give away the items and let others add their prayers to your move

Lighten up on your load by either having a yard sale, donating to your nearest charity. If you live in a school district just the college students near your place, make the most of it.

You need all the prayers you can get. It is to make sure you don’t lose all your nerves before you reach the unpacking phase (that is another horror story altogether).

If you have a yard sale or sell the good condition items to a second-hand store you can add to your budget by a mile. Get the best prices possible according to the condition of the item and the time owned.

Donating would also lighten up the weight you have to carry across the country. That would also considerably lower down the mover’s costs.


  • Get help from your local grocers, help them recycle!

You need to get your hands on cartons and packing supplies. Getting them at a craft store just adds to the cost for no reason at all. Check with your local grocers, and other stores for any packing boxes, and cartons. If they are willing to get rid of them for free. You would be saving a huge amount. The small costs are actually that at times go overboard. You should minimalize them in every way possible. Just because it seems small doesn’t mean it’s not a cost. Let your friends give you supplies and your family share their air-miles. You can always repay them later when you are settled in your new place. If they don’t take it back in any way, there are always gifts. So relax and take the help coming your way in any way or form.


  • Consider The Costs of Movers and The Tweak the Time of the Move

The movers can come in and give you a moving estimate. Your best bet is getting the best deals. Don’t settle what one company has to say. Get an estimate from several ones. There are some that are a professional in cross-country moves. Also if you can, avoid the summer season or the weekends for the move. If you can move the time around you can get better deals a few days later and during the weekdays. Most people with children need to get settled before school starts. You don’t want to get on the band-wagon of high price season. So do your survey of the time of the year you do choose to move.

Weekends are also one of the preferred moving times. If you move on a weekday you will be offered a better price. Add to this with the discount codes and offers that movers have going on. You would be able to save more with those.


  • Just get it done on your own!

If you have managed to minimalize your items for the move. Rent a one-way movers truck and drive it yourself. You can pack the most essentials in your car and have your partner drive that. If you are alone, you can just have it shipped. You can also just sell the vehicle (if that’s an option and it’s not brand new). Get a new one when you reach the new place. Moving yourself would save the cost of the movers. That would allow you to have some gap in your budget. Be sure, you can actually manage the move on your own.


  • Just have it shipped to you

For families it may not be the answer but for couples and singles, this is a possibility. If you have managed to get the most items out of your moving list. That is sold it or donated and don’t have much to take along. Just take half of it with you and half the other half shipped. That way you won’t have to pay too much for anything.

Shipping can take a few days and the slowest one would even won’t cost a bomb. The other options are actually costlier.


Let’s review what we have learned:

The key is making sure you have all the “most important” items checked. You have to be completely organized start to finish. Get rid of the items and clean the places right there and then. Keeping them for later can cause a lot of stress for no reason. All your insurances covered and shifted beforehand. You adopt the Japanese way of living with the most minimal and essential things in life. Get rid of all items that can be replaced in the new place. Get all the help you can. Be it in the form of material or family and friends helping you pack.

Most importantly, this is a great time to get rid of things you have been hoarding for the past five years. Make it a rule, if you have not worn or used something in the past three months. You have to get rid of it. Your emotional state would be a wreck. But, the cheapest way to move across country is to not add to the already piling costs. Keeping in your budget is the key. Overstepping it for even one small item can rock the final total. You may also end up losing the final balance and give in to everything!

You need to first clear your mind and get comfortable the reality of moving. You are now equipped with all the ammunition you need to move. We have you in our prayer! You can do this!!

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