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How many times, have you thought, what’s happening with my life? Last minute grocery runs, the monthly stock-ups, getting exhausted to the last nerves. You add on the toddlers the game just finishes. All you want to do is run away and never step foot in a grocery store ever again! Well, we have all been in that exact same position. Especially when the dinner you planned for three to four people turns to a full-blown ten to fifteen people party last minute. You can either choose to feed those people or get make the place friendly and clean.

They Know We Wanted It, They Made Our Dreams Come True!

Well, the biggest blessing for a person in a fix or just someone who’s lazy to go out, in general, is when you get these groceries without having to leave home. You can also send someone to pick-up the groceries because you can’t go. Make life easier, not drag yourself during the million chores we have to get done. The kids who do not need to be taken around and have them embarrass us every time.

If there is a Shoprite store near your home, you are in complete luck. Because Shoprite from Home is the complete grocery solution we did know we were waiting for. You get the same low rates with delivery at your doorstep. You also have the option to pick-up the final items from the store. You also get to pick a time slot for both the services. Plus, you can even add the digital coupon codes for added discounts. Make your payments online without any hassle. That’s is a completely killer deal that all people would love to get their hands on.

But, let’s not forget there is a shopping charge. This shopping charge varies according to the store that you are shopping in. But, with the amount of effort saved and the money through the discount codes. This doesn’t really amount to much.

If you have been doing your shopping at Shoprite, you have been doing it right. Shoprite shoppers who are still not comfortable with the idea.

Go for it!

I think that’s a win for everyone in a grocery fix!

It’s simple to get a hang off. Addictive to let go of the habit easily.

Like all other things in this day and age, it all starts with downloading the app. Whether you have an Android or an Apple, iOS system. The app is available for download for free. After that, all you have to do is register your individual account. This would allow Shoprite to keep track of your orders. Even customize deals and discounts for you according to your shopping habits.

After that, you are good to go. You can browse the virtual isles according to them organized products wise. Once you find the items you need. You can select all the grocery items and add them to your cart. They even provide little detail box, where you can add your preference for a certain product. Let’s take for example you want to order grapes; you can mention in the box whether you want the green ones or the red ones. So that way they know the adjustment they have to make.

One more added advantage is that you can choose to tick the substitution box. That is if you tick the box, they get to change the flavor or company of an item you ordered as they ran short of it. If you do forget to tick the box, they would just call you up to ask to confirm. This lets you keep track of what you might be getting in return.

You can also use the barcode reader of the app to scan barcodes from home of your favorite items. That way, the app would determine the availability and price of the item. If it’s available, you can just add the item to your cart. No strolling about the virtual isles!

Let me add a little bonus point here:

*You do NOT need a minimum order to use the service. You can order whatever and however many orders and still be eligible for the service. *

You can also make use of the offers they may have running on the web-store. You can check each week’s deal and make use of it.

Now just give your cart a final check. Whether all the items you wanted have been added for the total or not. Once, you are satisfied with the final items in the cart. You can now add any offer that they have for discounts. On top of that, it would be a great time to add any digital manufacturer codes you might have. You would get an instant discount. Once the discount has been applied you are good to final up the total and buy them. Just add in the payment details of your preference. Lastly, after the payment has been received, Shoprite would get to its work.

You can select the time when you want to receive the items at home. Which would be punctual and help you get all your cooking and cleaning done in time. You can also select pick-up and the items would be waiting for you all pre-packed. So if you are on your way home from somewhere and don’t want to put in too much effort. You can have them do the heavy lifting and just bring the groceries home.

Shoprite from Home, lets you shop right at home just like in a grocery store. Making your life easy and taking away the stress. With the order in service, you don’t even have to do any of the heavy liftings. That is the most exhausting part of grocery shopping. Loading and unloading the shoppers to and from the car. By the time of putting away the groceries comes around. Nap is the only thing on mind and some of us just stall the whole task. Shoprite leaves you with the energy to sort through the items and put them away with ease.

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