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zaful reviews

Vintage fashion has always been a rage. Still popular with many men and women in today’s time also. Zaful is an online web-store that is known for its vintage designs. It also offers high-end brand designs at cheaper rates than the original. You can find some of the brand designs that you want to get at better rates at Zaful. Though that won’t be the original, not everyone can purchase the original.  Men and women can purchase clothes, jewelry, and other accessories from there. Their prices also seem to be a selling point, with everything priced reasonably. The accessories and jewelry ranging between $2 to $50 at the max.

Though it is based in Hong Kong, China, Zaful ships to almost all parts of the world. There are some concerns as to whether the service is legitimate or not. This is because of the varying Zaful reviews, their service, and their prices. The one thing that we can establish from everything is that Zaful is pretty much legitimate and is a proper online business providing “latest” vintage fashion to customers worldwide. The majority have had a good experience and are loyal customers that order time and again. While there are those in a minority that have not received their products or a reply even months later. When you order, you need to be sure and keep a time buffer time from where you are ordering. It can take around 10-days, a month, or even a few months to arrive.

My Ordering Technique:

So, choosing what you want and to be sure whether what you receive will be worth the buy or not is a difficult task. There are a few pointers you can remember that would help you get the best choices for yourself. I have also placed a few orders and I have a few rules that I go by. The range of clothing that Zaful provides for its clothing is overwhelming. So many choices to purchase from.

Zaful has also made a name for itself in the swimwear and bikini section. Women have had an overwhelmingly positive response to them and have ordered many different kinds. I also decided to give it a try along with some other options when I ordered the first time.

Now, the biggest concern when ordering online is the size and the material. The provide a complete description and the size chart along with each article. After measuring myself properly with an inch tape, I decided to go online and make my purchases.

  1. Always look for pictures of clothes in the review section. They would give you an idea of how they look on you. It would also help you find someone close to your size which can positively influence your decision while giving you an idea of which size to get. Personally, I find those safer to order, than the ones without pictures.
  2. Always check the size chart for each article. Just because one thing fit in small, doesn’t mean the other would also. This is because Asian sizes are much smaller than the ones we wear here in the US. It’s better to check the size chart and at times order either a size or two bigger than the one you think would fit. So, checking each article before ordering is very important to get the closest size.
  3. Always see the material an item is being offered in. If it’s a light material and not cotton, I tend to not order it. You don’t want the item to look droopy. The bikini is another issue as swimwear material is different. But, mostly they are of great material that you can rough out without any guilt in the world.

Payment, Shipping, and Receiving the Item

There are a number of payment methods that you can choose from. The most common one that I also use is PayPal. Then there is credit card via PayPal but this option is only available for USA based customers. You can also pay directly with the credit card. Then there is always Wester Union that you can use to send over your amount.

In the USA regular shipping can take anything between 10 to 25 business days. Express Shipping on the other hand only takes 8 to 15 business days. But this is just an estimate and I give them 3 to 4 days over before I expect my order to arrive. Sometimes it comes in the time period and at times it can take longer than expected.

The Goods and Bad of Zaful!

The good side of Zaful that we can look at is:

  1. A generous 45-days return policy in case you got the wrong size or if the product is damaged.
  2. Fluctuating prices all day long. You can find the lowest prices for some of the items whether it be for men or women. So you need to make sure you, check-in a few times a day.
  3. Earn rewards and use them for discounts. They are easy to earn, you get them when you sign-up, add your email address, check-in every day, post reviews, more points if the review has a picture in it, and playing the lucky draw.
  4. Promo codes for discounts available online.

The bad side of Zaful that we cannot ignore:

  1. Getting through to the customer service is like walking through fire. That is a difficult task you don’t want to get yourself in.
  2. Only pre-sale clients can get in touch through the live chat.
  3. Though not a common occurring but people have lost money due to lost orders and never received a reply.

My Final Zaful Review and Thoughts:

If you want, give it a try on your own. I honestly think they are valued for money. Considering they aren’t charging you an arm and a leg. Shipping and taxes completely depend on where you live and you can check their policies before ordering. I live in the US have not had a big problem. Some, of the tops, have worked very well for. I also do not feel very guilty when throwing anything out, so that’s a plus!

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