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Couponswindow.com reserves the complete right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


Couponswindow.com is purely only coupon code, promo code, coupon, and promo. There are no other services provided by us. All services provided by Couponswindow.com are regulated by the following terms and conditions that are mentioned in detail here. When you use the service provided by us, you are consenting to the Terms and Conditions mentioned here. If any user has any reservations and doesn’t accept our Terms and Conditions mentioned, they should immediately stop using this website.


Couponswindow.com does not in any way take responsibility or offers any warranties that are being provided by participating retailers, brands, and third parties of their products, promotions, coupon codes, and special offers. We in any way have no control over these retailers, and in no way do we endorse them. We will not be held responsible for any issues that arise in an aspect of their websites or businesses.

All retailers listed on our website have the complete control to alter or cancel any and all coupons that they provide on this platform. This will happen without any prior warning and can happen at any time. We have no link to the coupons that they provide for their products. We are only responsible for the online coupons that they do provide. You will find the links published for their online redeemable coupons that they determine the terms and conditions for. Couponswindow.com’s primary focus is to help its valuable members and visitors to save money on all their purchases by using the coupons that we publish on this website.

Tools & Calculators

Google's Terms of Use are automatically applied for all the users of this website when you use any calculators that operate on Google Maps API.


All users of our online platform must be of the age of 18 and over. That is the legal age to be active and we abide by it also. We do not take any responsibility if any issue arises if the age has been falsely provided.

Also, all users must be independent individuals only who are looking for coupons to save money, we do no attempts by automated machines are accepted.

All users must have active and working email addresses so it is easy for us to get in touch with them and provide them with all necessary updates.

All users can only use a single account which is the only requirement by us, this means that per publisher person you can only use one account on our platform. Any additional accounts would be requiring authorization by Couponswindow.com.

To make sure that we can run smoothly and you have to enable the use of Cookies.

General Terms:

We are not responsible if any information provided by the members is out-of-date. Members themselves are responsible to update their account information so that getting in touch with them is easy.

Couponswindow.com will not be held responsible for any lost mail that is sent by us or by any third-party retailers for whom the coupons were used.

We have a detailed privacy policy that you can view and we strongly suggest that you do review it. Your privacy is very important to us.


We withhold the right to terminate any account of our users without any prior notice with the complete discretion.

Your membership account is free of cost on Couponswindow.com. However, all coupons available on our platform are subject to availability according to their expiry date by the original providers. Your inactivity on the platform will lead you to lose out on some of these coupons and we will not be responsible for any coupons that were available once and are now not available.

Refer-a-Coupon to Us

The details of the current Refer-a-Coupon terms can be found here.

Refer-a-Coupon means, if you have any coupons from Third Party, that you want to share with other shoppers that we don’t have available, can be shared by you on our website.

Members may share multiple referral coupons by adding them to the website. But, we will not be held responsible for any coupons shared by the users or any third party. They will only be available for use here but any issue that arises will not be deal with by us as we take zero responsibility for them. So, when using those, you have to agree to these terms or if you do not, then please don’t use them.


Couponswindow.com services are in no way responsible or they do not also provide any guarantee regarding the price being offered or the terms that the coupons are being offered. Along with that, we also don’t take responsibility for the availability of any coupon for any retailer or the quality of their coupon and the product. We also don’t cover or provide any kind of warranty. All individual users themselves are responsible for the retailer's privacy policies. All users are strongly recommended that they should be very careful and should always review the terms and policies that the retailers are offering for the coupon and their products. We do not accept any third party payments and we will not be responsible for any refunds.

We are in no way involved or responsible for any purchases that have been made by using the coupons from here on a retailer website. We will not be of any assistance or support in any way. If you have any complaints that you want to file regarding any purchases you should directly do so with the retailer that you made the purchase from, only they would be able to help you. In every way, all individual users of our platform using our services are in complete agreement that they will not hold Couponswindow.com responsible for any and all damages that they face after the use of our service and the associated links available on our platform.

Couponswindow.com Coupon Guarantee

1. Couponswindow.com guarantees that all coupons with a valid expiration date will work.

2. If you place an order by using a coupon from Couponswindow.com and the discount doesn’t work, you are requested to get in contact with us within 24 hours. Please be sure to add on the coupon and order details regarding the purchase you were making.

3. Determination of eligibility of your account and the coupon being applied will be at the sole discretion of Couponswindow.com.

Important: Any coupons that are being shared by individual users on our platform being offered are excluded and are not covered by the Couponswindow.com Coupon Guarantee.

The individual users themselves must ensure that the purchases they are making actually meet all the requirements.

Use of this Website

Our website is available to be used for personal use only. It may not be copied or distributed as such. We extend no permission or tolerance to any individual person or organization as a whole to use or reproduce any of the parts or components of couponswindow.com in any form to be used for commercial purposes without acquiring prior complete written consent from us. We in every way strictly prohibit any and all reproduction, duplication, distribution, publication, modification, or transmission of material from our site. All of the material that we cover in this prohibition includes, but is not limited to, any text, graphics, logos, photographs.

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