Jomashop and Its Luxuries | Honest Jomashop Review


Trying find a Jomashop review that takes away any inhibitions that you have been having? Well, here is all that I understood of the brand and the service.

To start with…

Jomashop has been around and selling products since the late 80’s. Its empire has been built by selling luxury items. The items they sell are a mix of new products and pre-loved ones. These items include handbags, jewelry, perfumes, and other accessories. The Jomashop crown jewel of Jomashop items being sold are watches for men. You can find a range of styles and designers to order from.

There are a range of products that buyers can choose from and order. Men and women both are covered in the store. They have everything available on their web-store and they keep on updating it with time.

Finding What You Like and Paying for It…

Ordering is simple through their web-store. You can make your account and choose the items you want shipped to you. Payments can be made through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Affirm, Amazon Payment, and Wire transfer. You can choose any of these that seem the safest and comfortable to you. After the payment, the order will be dispatched to you.

Prices, Shipping, and Returns & Refunds…

You can find the leading brands on the store at some really great prices. The prices vary according to the brand and item you are purchasing. Some of the most popular items are women’s accessories that easily range between $500 to $200. Meanwhile, jewelry for women can be placed anywhere between $100 to $200.

Men also can find jewelry and colognes range between $40 to $500. Meanwhile, the main merchandise, the watches start from $50 and go all the way up to $1000 easily. Though most pieces sold are priced at $200.

They do offer free shipping over an order of $100. Regular shipping takes around 1 to 6 days in total. The mode of shipping that you select has varying price ranges that you pay for low priced orders.

But, in case you have to return something, you have to pay for shipping yourself. So, that is a part you need to remember and be sure of when your order. You should be aware of these facts when ordering for anywhere. Shipping back is not an expense everyone wants to incur for no reason.

Though a refund can be claimed if the item is intact in every way. It shouldn’t be opened and all the tags should be intact.

Since, you are already paying to ship back from your own pocket, refund would only be covering so much of the expense.  You would get the amount back but shipping would already be an extra expense that would make the refund only partial in a way.

One Side of the Business…

Jomashop has managed to score and keep an A+ on the Better Business Bureau listing since its beginning. So that seems to be going in its favor. Majority of the customers that shop from the brand are very happy with the service. Some overwhelmingly positive reviews of the service that most people have received can be found on the internet. Especially regarding the fast shipping. The quality was really good and they would definitely order again from the store.

The Other Side of the Business…

But, we have to honest in our Jomashop review and all others. So, just like the good side there are some downsides to the business also. There have been customers who have not been as lucky. They have faced different types of problems, starting from repairs to customer service, and also the quality of the items they have received. Some issues are still not resolved months after of the complaints being filed by the different customers.

Broken Products Lead to Broken Hearts

Customers have received products that have come apart before they opened the package. The dials moved, a few scratches here and there, so on. These problems are common and several customers have had to face this issue. So, obviously when the item you had been waiting for arrives broken in pieces, your heart breaks in tiny pieces.

Quality That Nobody Wants to Pay For

Though the item looked really good on screen, what the customer received was completely different. It disappointed them greatly and made them not want to purchase from the online store again.

Don’t Bother with The Repair Service!

There have been a high number of complaints against their repair service. The number of complaints that they get is high in volume and the can’t seem to keep up with it. You may have to wait for months in order to get even one simple thing repaired. Pray you get a working item.

Customer Service, What’s That?
You would be mistaken if you think you can call on their helpline and get help from their customer service. There have been many complaints against all their lines being busy all the time. It is a foreign concept to many that people actually got help from the Jomashop customer service.

You Need to Be Online to Chat Live!

Jomashop does have the option for live chat available. Customers have complained that there is almost never anyone online. You just cannot get across to anyone on this option. Meaning the chance of getting any sort of help from the company is almost next to nil.

My Jomashop Review…

Since, majority people have only positive things to say about the company it definitely is not a scam. Maintaining a good score on BBB since the 80’s is not easy. The company is legit working and providing customers with what they want.

Though there are bad sides to the service also, the company can work on those and reach a wider range of happier customers. Their customer service needs the most improvement. Considering they are a high-end store that charges a big amount for its products, you would not expect them to behave this way.

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