Let’s Find Out How to Get Our Hands On Amazon Freebies

amazon freebies

Yes, you read that right! Amazon is only one of the biggest and most successful online web-store ever. It has made millions of lives easier by providing trillions of items to the doorstep without taking up too much time and money. Always bringing the best deals and discounts to table. On top of that you get to learn how to get free stuff on Amazon. That too without having to spend too much or nothing at all.

There are a number of items you can get your hands on. Even those yet to be released if you play your cards right. All you have to do is be honest and earn the trust. If you are a dedicated Amazon shopper, you will love the information that will be shared with you. If you are an Amazon Prime member that’s just the icing on the cake. Some but not all offers can be only be accessed as an Amazon Prime member. As a regular member you can try the one-month trial period for a taste of the goodness. As a student you get a six-month free trial with Student Prime. If you are not a regular shopper, well we might just convert you for good!

Well, let’s get our hands on some free things:

  • Music lovers this one’s for you!

For most people music makes the world go round. Be it a happy or a sad situation, there is a song for every mood of yours. Getting your hands on the latest album of your favorite band or singer is also a big achievement. Not paying for the thousands of songs out there and getting the reviews from millions of people without any cost is also something to be reckoned with.

As an Amazon member you do not have to worry about falling short of music choices. This is because you have access to more than 10,000 downloadable mp3 files. You can even find the latest songs along with the best rated ones from the users. As an Amazon Prime member you also have access to Prime Music. Which is a collection of over two million songs on demand. All these without any ads, you get to listen to all your favorite songs without any interruptions in between and breaking your flow!

You can also download the Amazon music app for free. You get to make your own playlist in it too!


  • Online Kindle readers, pay close attention!

Kindle is one of the most successful inventions of Amazon. It allows customers to carry around countless books without the extra weightage and costs involved. Paperback books are the traditional way to read. But, carrying them around everywhere now is too much work. Plus, kindle doesn’t even collect as much dust as the  books do.

Though Amazon Prime member get the better offer with 1000 books and magazines available. They also get the Kindle First; editors pick for free from Prime Read. They also have a Kindle’s Owner Library that lets everyone borrow books without any charges.

But, you do not need to be sad because of that. You as a regular member can also get your hands on free Kindle E-books. That is from the Top 100 free books list available on Kindle. You can also get your hands on those made available for free for a time-period.


  • Get your hands on your favorite seasons and movies.

After getting the music and books sorted, next on the list is the entertainment. Getting your hands on the latest T.V. shows and movies. There are a number of digital series that have us all hooked. Not everyone has the time to watch the series that come on television. Also not everyone has the time to visit the cinemas. You just want to tuck in and watch something on your television on a Friday night. Well, regular members who do not want to upgrade to Amazon Prime have to pay to avail Amazon Prime Video. They unfortunately do not get to take advantage of the service without the cost.

But, as an Amazon Prime member you get to stream all your favorite shows and movies without having to pay a dime! The price is already included in your subscription and you get to watch anything you want at any time you want. That’s without any added hassle or charges!


  • Don’t pay to receive any of your packages

The one thing most people hate after paying for the items is having to pay for it to be sent over. After using all the coupon codes, gift cards, and discount offers on the items. The last thing you want bumping the cost is the shipping!

Well don’t pay for it!! Yes, it is that easy!

So as an Amazon Prime member you already have the edge with the service of free shipping available. The order is received by you in just 2-days. That too without any minimum limit on the order!!

Plus, depending on where you live. You get standard shipping, no rush shipping, delivery on the day of the item releasing, and even at times the item is delivered within 2-hours!!

Okay, so if you are not an Amazon prime member you don’t need to lose hope. Just keep your order above $25 and keep tabs on the items that qualify for the offer.


  • Love collecting on those Amazon Credits and those amazing Gift Cards?

You can earn the Amazon Credits, that is the money that Amazon pays you to review things, download applications, watch a video, and more. You can even earn them by doing a free trial of something. You can use these credits without spending a dime from your pocket to purchase different items free of cost.

By selecting slow shipping option, Amazon Prime members can earn these on digital items. So, if you are into buying digital equipment, keep your patience level high. You can later use these to purchase even more items.

You need to keep an eye open for the Gift Card deals. You can purchase these Gift Cards at the promotion time. Amazon will then send a second card with $5 to $10 credit on it, free of cost.

Pro-tip: Your Gift Card can be sent to yourself from your personal account to qualify.


  • Do you love free sampling and surprises?

Too bad this offer is only for Amazon Prime members, not the regular members. You can sign up for free Amazon Sample boxes. You will have to pay for the box, but if you like something and would like to purchase it. You will get sample box price, credit back.


  • If you love listening to books as a story instead of reading them, you would love this!

Not everyone always wants to read and create scenarios in their minds. It’s also great for people who have visually impaired family members. They can get the most out of this amazing service. It also puts the least strain on your eyes if you are a regular computer user or e-book reader.

You can sign up for the Free Audible Trial as a regular member otherwise you have to be an Amazon Prime member. For the Amazon Prime members there is the free section through the Audible Channels. Members can listen to their books there.

Regular members can sign up for a free trial and get two books free after which they have to pay.


  • Let your writing skills unleash and review as many items as you can regularly

If you are a regular shopper of Amazon, leave reviews regularly on the items you have purchased. This is because there is an invite only Amazon Vine website. To be invited for the free items to review and make the most of it. You need to put your writing skills in action. Write detailed, honest product reviews on your regular purchases. You will be then identified and invited by the group itself. Manufacturers will then send you free items according to the item they think best suits you. At the end of the day sellers want to increase their sales and good reviews bring more shoppers. Regular shoppers and reviewers are also that people grow to trust. This trust leads them to purchasing those items.


  • Got a ton of personal photographs you want to save?

Photographs are the memories that capture moments. At times there are just so many you run out of hard drives to keep them. Sharing them also becomes an annoying task.

Well Amazon has your back and as Amazon Prime members can avail this service for free. With extra 5GB to store videos or documents. Through Family Vault, five other family members can share the service with you.


You need to be an active shopper at Amazon to make the most of the offers. On top of it if you are an Amazon Prime member you will benefit even more with it. The process of how to get free stuff on Amazon is something all regular shoppers can make the most of.


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