What Are Fetch Rewards Actually?


How many times do we have to make the dreaded runs to the grocery store? Just enough to keep us from cracking.

How many times have we cracked under pressure and bought something we didn’t need? On top of it later felt guilty about it? I would say countless times!

How about getting some of what we spent be returned to us in some way? Now, that would be half a fortune returned…

Well in order to do that we now have this amazing app called Fetch. Fetch allows you to earn points for shopping by simply scanning your final receipt. These points are called earning Fetch rewards. The app itself also has its own benefits, that customers can make the most of. It’s simple to navigate through. Anyone can use it without too much hassle. Be it a leading brand or a corner store, you can earn rewards in seconds.

The rewards at this point are only useable as Gift Cards. You get some of the fortunes you spent back to be used up again. The cycle never ends and the freak shopper in us never wants it to end. So adding Fetch to the list of our saving techniques, now let’s get to actually breaking the app down.

First, let’s learn to use the app:

  • You have the software get the app for free

First things first, get the app for free. Just download it from either the Apple Store or Google Play.


  • Let’s get started… It already took too long to release!

Now, you can either log-in by making a new account altogether with your email address. Or, you can use your Facebook ID and connect the two. Once, you have chosen the way to get in. Select the state and city that you are going to be using the app in.


  • Let’s get brand specific here…

Fetch has partnered with more than 200 brands. All of which can be found on the app. You can check all the brands available on it. If you shop at that particular brand, you can scan the receipt and earned the points offered. You can check the offers for the particular brand and earn rewards for specific items or quantities.


  • Over here let’s get offer specific!

You can open the “Special Offers” section. Here you will be given specific brands and quantities. Like if you are going to purchase mayonnaise, you might find an offer on a specific mayonnaise brand for a special quantity of the bottle size or the number of bottles to purchase of a particular size.


  • Let’s get scanning and earning those rewards!!

Now, that you have bagged your groceries, and pocketed your receipt. Make way for others and find a place to scan your receipt. This is the main part that we went through all the hassle for. Open your app and tap on the “scan” option. It will open the camera for you to take the picture of your receipt. You can now place your receipt on a flat service or hold it clearly for the camera. Once, the picture has been taken by the app, it will take some time to process the image. After, the clearance, the points will be added to your account.

If an item is missed during scanning. You can tap the “add items” option. That would allow you to enter what the camera missed. It can take around two weeks before the assessment is made and the points are given.


  • Earn extra points…without shopping!!

Everybody wants more users and so does fetch. So, if you want to earn more Fetch rewards without having to pay for something. Use the user-specific generated referral code, to get your friends to use the app. Once, they start using the app by using your referral code. They will also earn 2000 starting points and so would you. Your points though would be added after you have successfully entered your first receipt.

You can even use the bonus points offers to get extra points on your regular purchases. Fetch has Special Offer Bonuses; after the successful completion of the offer you can pay less, for more points received. If an offer has 20% off and you get extra 2000 points on the purchase of something worth $10 that earned you 10,000 points as per the price.


Let’s Find Out How the Rewards Distribution Actually Happens!

Okay, so you earn these rewards in points. The points for regular shopping scans have a ratio of 1 point for every $0.10 spent. That means 1000 points are an equivalent of $1 which can be redeemed.

But, if you purchase from any of the brands’ section offers. You would be receiving 10 points for every dollar spent. That means 1000 points for $10!

The best part is that it can be used with discount codes and coupons for saving even more. You don’t even have to store specific especially for your groceries. Seriously! Just scan all the receipts that come in your hand, brand, grocery, warehouse, and outlets! The more you don’t discriminate, the more points you earn!


How Will You Be Redeeming These Points?

Okay, to get started on the fun. You need to earn 3000 points that amount to $3, with which you can make the purchase for your first gift card, they can even be for Target and Amazon!

Though you can only add 14 receipts a week as of now. Do not be in a hurry to use them. Treat them as life savings or fixed deposits that you can collect and use to purchase something big and worthwhile at once!


Since the app is free of cost to download and use. You do not have much to lose here. You can just keep scanning receipts as a safety deposit to be taken out during really bad times or some amazing deals! You are not receiving any cash back from it but only gift cards, don’t let that hold you back!!

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