Free Makeup Samples You Find in the Mail with Free Shipping

free makeup samples by mail free shipping

Ever overspent on that highlighter and lipstick that you didn’t need? Yes!

Ever felt guilty about overspending? But, they were so pretty!

Love the free samples even more than the products? YES!!!!

Waking up to items in your mail that you didn’t pay for is the best feeling in the world. You get to open a box of happiness and add color to the world. These are the days us makeup addicts live for. Well, there are a few ways as to how you can score free makeup samples by mail free shipping included and also get them directly in-stores.

I love trying new things. Some are a fad, which means I am addicted to them for some time and then they fade away from my interests with time. Then there are times, where I want to give something a try and ease myself into a new product, like a shade, or a cream. I don’t always want to purchase the whole thing right away. Getting samples without having to pay more is my best bet.

Makeup overall from known brands are mostly on the pricier side. you just cannot get your hands on everything full size. My coupon skills are good enough and I also keep a track of all the sales and discounts that are offered here and there. But, still getting the tiny items to try are something that interests me. Keeps me surprised and looking forward to getting something I might fall in love with.

Getting your hands on samples is not that difficult. You can soon become a sample addict along with your shopping addiction problems. Not a big deal at all. Plus, samples are a great way to find out if you want the new item or not. At times, you need the few extra days to understand whether you like something or not. Regretting your purchases later is not something you want to be doing. Better to understand your feelings for an item by using it in small amounts before. Along with that, you also at times want to see whether it suits your skin or not.

Okay! Moving forward, addiction or not, you need makeup. Party, office, neutral, just so many scenarios, and so many things to choose from. Plus, all makeup has a shelf life. It’s better to keep them in rotation. That would allow you to make sure you always have fresh makeup that will not harm your skin (excuses to buy more makeup, not like I throw most of the expired out also.

The few ways that we can get our hands on free makeup samples and that too by not paying for shipping areL

  • Surprises in your mail along with your online orders!

Online shopping is all the rage. If you have not come across it, you probably lie under a rock (I tend to exaggerate). You are a member of a few sites and order regularly (just like me). You are going in the right direction!

Many companies such as Sephora, Smash Box, Chanel, and Ulta, among others provide samples along with your order.  If you regularly order from websites. You can get your hands on many different types of makeup samples. You can go about your shopping spree and order the items you want. Then you can select the option for the free samples. Some send you a surprise, some provide the options and you can select from there.


  • Congratulations on being born!

Customers make or break a company. Until you exist and keep shopping from brands loyally they would always be the happiest about you being born. Whether someone else in your life appreciate your existence or not (*holds back tears) they do!

Birthdays are one day of the year when the makeup companies let you indulge a little extra.

Some would send you free samples as a birthday gift in your mail. Along with that, you don’t have to pay for shipping. Get up in the morning and the surprise waits for you to open the new wonders!

Other brands send that along with a purchase if you want to avail the gift online. That is not always feasible. That is because, from a store, you would be able to get your birthday gift for free. Though some brands don’t even need you to make any purchases online. They send you free makeup samples by mail free shipping on top of it. No hassle, just remember to add your birth date everywhere when making your account online.

  • Try all kinds of makeup out for free!

Tester groups are the best way to be the first to get your hands on new products completely free of cost!

You can sign-up as a regular reviewer. Once, you gain the trust of the companies as a regular honest tester and reviewer, they regularly send free samples for you to try. At times you may also receive the full size to try and keep. Though some require you to come and participate physically. There are some that allow you to sign-up and receive the items at home. You never know what you might receive next. It also gives you a nice rapport with the company. They trust and send you things on a regular basis.

There are some really nice products you can get your hands on completely free. Imagine you be the first to try and you do not even have to pay for it. Feels completely like makeup prestige to me!

These are some of the ways I get my hands on free makeup samples by mail and that too without having to pay for shipping. There are lots of people who do this also. There is no shame in asking for free samples. They are there for a reason. You just need to be true to your passion, yourself, and the brand. Enjoy all the things you get your hands on. Us, makeup lovers can never get enough of anything. Though our dressing table would be overflowing, still we would want more. These samples keep us occupied for some time!

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